01 August 2007

lynton hester interview on pineville emails 'viewing'

.mp3 here

earlier this evening central la politics telephonically interviewed lynton hester about his trip to pineville city hall to view city of pineville, la. chief of staff rich dupree's emails.

excerpts include: mr. hester said that the town talk reporter karina donica and long time town talk photographer leandro huebner was also present as was pineville city attorney mark vilar. mr. hester said that the town talk photographer was "instructed not to photograph the {computer monitor} screen if they were going to take my (hester's) picture sitting at the table..." central la politics: "wow let me see if i understand that, you were looking at public emails, on a public computer, in a public building and the city of pineville instructed the town talk not to photograph that?" mr. hester: "well thats what happened...so the photographer sat behind the monitor and actually photographed me looking at the monitor." mr. hester further stated that pineville didnt have but a few months of emails ready for him to view and would require more notice to fulfill its lawful obligation and
that the body in a number of emails were mysteriously blank...

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