29 September 2009

8.0 samoa islands earthquake

time in louisiana at time of earthquake:tuesday, 29 September 2009 at 12:48:11 pm (cdt). click here for time in other time zones.

the 2004 indian ocean earthquake which caused the deadly tsunami registered at a 9.1 and caused the entire planet to vibrate as much as 1/4 inch (1 cm).


one lege to boycott secret committee meeting about reapportionment

c.b. forgotston: district 55 independent rep. jerome "dee" richard (reee-shard) from thibodaux will not attend the secret lege cmte reapportionment meeting at alexandria from 01 - 02 october 2009.


28 September 2009

louisiana history museum has free knowledge about your roots

in an appeal to [y]our conscience, alex cenla reminds us that the louisiana history museum is a very valuable archive of knowledge about what our forebears went through settling the city of alexandria, la. and taming its environs.

indeed, why is it that a museum is on the list of last places to visit? go by the museum, take a tour -- its all free.

afterwards, give the director your ideas to help popularize the museum and you could win a prize.

the museum is located downtown at 503 washington street

click here to learn more and arrange your tour today!


imperial whitetail clover update 1 day 8

on sunday 20 september 2009 we seeded an approximately 20'x20' test plot with the whitetail institute's imperial whitetail clover. part of the seed included an annual brassica seed blend they named 'double-cross.' roughly 4 parts imperial whitetail clover seed to about 1 part brassica seed.

click picture to enlarge
imperial whitetail clover w/annual brassica seedlings

it seems like the seeds germinated pretty well. something is coming up ... from the time we sowed the seed early sunday morning up to thursday afternoon, the test plot (as well as everything else) received no direct sunlight.

on thursday afternoon from around 3pm - 5pm the eastern half of the test plot received some sunlight before it clouded up again.

during that period the plot did receive a lot of rain but it was all gentle rain. no gully-washers.

it wasnt sunny again until saturday. then yesterday was sunny and so far today too.

this morning we discovered this fawn track. we know that there is a doe with twin fawns lurking around. the fawns are about as big as a medium sized dog and as near as we can tell, were born around 01 august. they are still wearing their baby clothes.

now at least three deer know of the plot. soon others will too. so what happens if they eat it all down; before it has a chance to establish itself? time will tell.
cutting edge - optimize nutritional supplement lick

this lick we placed like the instructions said off of a trail. this trail is one that leads into the food plot. you might not can tell from the picture but something has really pulverized the lick. this could just be armadillos, skunks or raccoons.
the 30.06 lick is in the woods on the other side of the test plot. to get there you have to cross a creek containing alligators. thanks to gustav though, there is now a handy log to cross over.

but...we're not willing to push our luck this early on a monday morning...
especially just after our dog killed this rather large cotton mouth water moccasin, so we'll check it later.
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bumper crop of acorns 2009

this year we've noticed that the grounds beneath the live oak trees around, are saturated with acorns. this is perhaps, thanks, due in part to hurricane gustav a year ago and the deep watering its floods gave.

click picture to enlarge
the trees are still full of maturing acorns

the pioneers learned from the native americans how to grind acorns into flour. this website gives instructions, including a recipe for muffins.
wild pecans are nearly ready too
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making acorn flour
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    25 September 2009

    buckeye 22 @ bolton 13

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    5th quarter


    ball mayor roy hebron, police chief others indicted!

    UPDATE: 05 february 2011 ball mayor roy hebron plead guilty and resigned today


    town of ball, la. mayor roy hebron
    town of ball, la. police chief jay barber

    SHREVEPORT (AP) -- A federal grand jury has indicted the mayor of Ball, the town's police chief and three other municipal employees in a case involving hurricane disaster fraud. read more

    ap: town of ball, la. mayor roy hebron, police chief jay barber, town clerk brenda kimball, police officer curtis atkins and judy crowe, a police department employee indicted on fraud charges relating to hurricane relief funds.

    town of ball, la. official website: www.ball.govoffice2.com

    hebron et al indictment press release two page .pdf [27 kb] from office of u.s. attorney donald washington.

    click here to download six page .pdf copy of the indictment [201 kb]


    big prozzie bust on bolton avenue

    click picture to enlargegoogle street view shows some cops and what could be a fire truck
    at the service station at bolton avenue and jackson street

    see also
    28 arrested in prostitution sting on bolton avenue


    24 September 2009

    g20 protests in pittsburgh



    lege committees to hold 'secret' meeting about reapportionment

    c.b. forgotston sent this out a few minutes ago:

    According to a story in today's Baton Rouge paper ( story here) some of our leges are planning to hold a two-day, secret meeting (where all expenses paid by us taxpayers) to discuss how to reapportion the districts by which they represent us.

    The Clerk of the House says the clandestine meeting is legal. If so, it is only due to a "loophole" written by the leges in the Open Meetings Law.

    The meeting was called by Rep. Rick Gallot, D-Ruston, who only recently escaped prosecution for violating the ethics law via a loophole he help insert into the law.

    The meeting may be legal, but it is not right way to do the people's business.

    Why isn’t it open?

    This meeting is a part of the decision-making, process for reapportionment. What part of reapportionment is not the people's business?

    [Speaker of the House Jim] Tucker said it is necessary to have the meeting behind closed doors so they (legislators) can have open discussions which could be otherwise inhibited.

    In other words, the leges cannot be honest with the people they represent.

    Do the right thing

    The right thing to do is for all the leges invited to attend this meeting (which includes my representative) to refuse to attend unless the meeting is opened to the public and the media.


    UPDATE: forgotston has now posted this to his blog here
    two committees planning to meet together in secret at alexandria at the "old england air force base" 01 and 02 october 2009, include:

    house and governmental affairs committee chaired by rob "heh heh heh ethics law" gallot; members: mert smiley, taylor barras, patrick connick, george cromer, michael danahay, noble ellington, brett geymann, cameron henry, girod jackson, rosalind jones, anthony ligi, karen carter peterson, erich ponti, stephen pugh, jerome richard, jane smith, charmaine marchand stiaes and wayne waddell.

    and the senate & governmental affairs committee chaired by bob "the guy who helped destroy ethics laws" kostelka; consisting of senators, john smith, jody amedee, jack donahue, lydia. jackson, edwin murry and mike walsworth.

    as you can see some very shady characters will be participating. the last thing we need is this crew meeting in secret to decide something as important as reapportionment.

    so please contact your state representative and say no secret meetings! meet in a committee room or in the house chamber before the cameras and the internet live stream.


    23 September 2009

    vid: iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad address to the united nations 23 september 2009


    iran replaces dollar with euro

    Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered the replacement of the US dollar by the euro in the country's foreign exchange accounts.

    The September 12 edict was issued following a decision by the trustees of the country's foreign reserves, Mehr News Agency reported.

    Earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran had announced that the euro would replace the greenback in the country's oil transactions. Iran has called on other OPEC members to ditch the sinking dollar in favor of the more credible euro.

    Following the switch, the interest rate for the facilities provided from the Foreign Exchange Reserves will be reduced from12 to 5 percent.

    Since being introduced by the European Union, the euro has gained popularity internationally and there are now more euros in circulation than the dollar.

    The move will also help decouple Iran from the US banking system.



    buddy caldwell is a liar

    we supported and voted for buddy caldwell for attorney general. we thought he was different but he's no different at all - he's just another political hack. what a disappointment this clown has turned out to be.

    the baton rouge morning advocate reports that "general" caldwell is angry with his fellow bullshit artist -- the governor over funding for his office to investigate acorn. 2theadvocat.com: jindal blocks resources, ag says or click here to download two page .pdf [23 kb]

    acorn is in the news a lot right now and so like a good political opportunist "general" caldwell is angry that he cant afford to take advantage of the situation to gain some free personal publicity.

    imagine the unmitigated gall on the part of "general" caldwell marching up to the governor's office and demanding more funding for his office, then -- then complaining that his "investigation into acorn was slowed by gov. bobby jindal’s opposition to a fee that would have raised money to hire more investigators."

    the tax which the advocate writer mark ballard disingenuously calls a "fee" is referring to House Bill No. 569.

    in the HB 569 internet access tax scam -- that was the one wherein "general" caldwell conned a simple-minded denham springs rino, named mack "bodi" white, into sponsoring what started out being a .50 cents per month tax on everyone in louisiana's internet access account bill to investigate internet predators a/k/a "the monsters."

    the bill would have created the "internet crimes investigation fund," a fund, the legislators said for a special unit in the attorney general's office to investigate mysterious internet predators a/k/a "the monsters", that seem to hang-out in never named chatrooms which apparently attracts mostly other cops and not too many kids. HB 569 had nothing whatsoever to do with conducting investigations into entities such as acorn. read the original bill yourself.

    now the "general" is going to the governor and the media and telling a totally different story than what he told to the legislature and from what his useful idiots told to their fellow legislators and to the citizens of louisiana about the bills purpose: investigating internet pervs a/k/a "the monsters" -- like no one can remember what happened in this years legislative session.

    the "general" knew all along that he was going to use the new tax money for whatever purpose he wanted -- like hiring lots of new people. the bit about funding a special unit to investigate internet predators a/k/a "the monsters" was just a lie. a trick to play on peoples emotions to rush the bill through.

    heres a telling part in mr. ballard's story:

    Federal investigators would have put a team of FBI agents, accountants, lawyers and support staff to analyze the 35 or so boxes of documents produced by the subpoenas, [caldwell] said.
    "general" caldwell wants his own fbi type strike-force. yo homes you aint the fbi. louisiana is chock full of dummies. theres no hi-tech criminals that cant be caught the old fashioned way around here. whats more, you cant even do anything about louisiana political and governmental corruption thats all around you. so how you gonna successfully investigate a group as large and well funded and protected by powerful political benefactors such as acorn?

    we dont need the louisiana attorney general to be monitoring the internet and chasing rainbows. what we want for you to do, is the job that you were elected to do and that is for you to be out on the streets arresting all these political and governmental criminals and sending them to angola.

    clean up your own back yard first. in fact just today, times-picayune columnist, james gill catches buddy caldwell in another good ol boy coverup scam: attorney general buddy caldwell endorses splitting hairs or click here to download two page .pdf [17].

    does it sound like this rino fraudster john schroder thought that HB 569 was for funding anything other than a special unit for internet predators a/k/a "the monsters" when he actually carried his sorry ass to the house floor to give this tax his wholehearted support?

    look how pathetic these people are. especially that "bodi" white. he actually cries because he didnt get to foist a tax upon his own mother! what kind of freaks are we electing?

    louisiana elected officials they nothing but a bunch of liars and criminals. they just lie and try to make you think you're the one crazy when you catch them lying.

    we dont even see the point in voting for people for office anymore. they're all the same. the only reason to go to the polls anymore is when a tax is on the ballot to go and vote no to.

    you can bet that as america and louisiana continue to degrade and go bankrupt, that there will be plenty enough sad sack liars selling lots of taxes to fight off.


    st. john the baptist parish president under federal investigation - susected of shaking down businesses to buy his whore a new car

    Federal authorities are investigating St. John the Baptist Parish President Bill Hubbard in connection with a scheme in which parish contractors helped buy a new Toyota Camry for his girlfriend last spring, several sources have confirmed. ~ read more
    if you cant afford to buy your whore stuff with your own money, maybe you should stick with your wife and not have a whore.
    UPDATE: resigns. click here to download resignation letter two page .pdf [21 kb]

    UPDATE2: read bill of information and u.s. attorney press release here.


    piyush scammed: a hillbilly gets a clue

    in a letter to the editor of the baton rouge morning advocate, mr. tassin claims that he wont be pushin' pi no mo:

    Letter: Jindal loses Republican supporter

    * Published: Sep 23, 2009 - Page: 8B

    I was 100 percent for Bobby Jindal for governor during the 2007 campaign. I volunteered during the campaign, putting up yard signs, attending meetings, working in the phone bank etc.

    My front yard was used as the Jindal tent was put up for the annual Kenilworth July Fourth parade. I had a huge Jindal-for-governor yard sign that was seen by thousands of people over the six months it was up.

    I even sent a letter to The Advocate that was published on Sept. 8, 2007, defending Jindal when the Democratic Party brought religion into the governor's race.

    I was even responsible for having two signs put up at the entrances to Kenilworth subdivision which stated, "Boyhood home of Governor Bobby Jindal."

    After doing all these things, I never received a thank-you letter from Jindal or anyone in his administration.

    I had confidence in him that he would be the best governor that Louisiana ever had.

    I have lost my faith in him as have tens of thousands of other individuals statewide who voted for him. He has made mistake after mistake after mistake. The latest one is what prompted me to write this letter.

    The Advocate headline on Sept. 4 stated, "Jindal calls church visits appropriate." Well, I totally disagree. He can attend Protestant church services every Sunday, but he should pay the cost, not the citizens of Louisiana. He can have town-hall meetings, but they should be at town halls, not churches of worship.

    What makes America strong and different from most other countries is the fact that we have separation of church and state. Giving talks at churches on Sundays using taxpayers' money is a violation of the doctrine. Mr. Jindal is politicizing houses of worship.

    As a lifetime Republican, having served 16 years on the Republican State Central Committee and two years as treasurer of the Louisiana Republican Party, I am willing to lead a group entitled "Republicans against Jindal."

    He has no idea how much support he has lost. Every candidate that he has endorsed for the state Legislature has been defeated, including the Senate race in his home district.

    I’m looking forward to the 2011 governor’s race to support anyone but Jindal. Let's geaux and work and find us a new candidate to support.

    L. Paul Tassin Jr.
    retired state worker
    Baton Rouge

    ~ source link
    click here to download one page .pdf [14 kb]


    22 September 2009

    the alexandria, la. municipal fire and police civil service commission board wants to keep its proceedings secret

    this five object to the city of alexandria, la. video taping their meetings.

    city of alexandria, la. attorney chaz johnson citing la r.s. 42:8 told em to go jump in the lake. good for him.

    it never was made clear in the story if the civil service commission meetings are broadcast live or rebroadcast live on tape over alexandria's government access channel. currently suddenlink cable channel 4.

    if not, then why not? and why isnt there a state law requiring every public body to video tape their meetings and post the videos to their websites as well as those public bodies which are located in parishes with governmental access channels, like alexandria and rapides parish, to broadcast meetings live over that as well?

    could it be, because the criminals in the loony looziana legislature are more interested in protecting their fellow governmental criminals? how about instead of a law mandating the online streaming of public meetings or any laws that make sense -- spend a lot of time passing a law banning novelty cigarette lighters [HB 199 / ACT 89] this was empty-headed, faux coon ass, karen st. germaine's idea of creating a better louisiana.

    or how about creating another quasi-governmental board funded by tax dollars (the tax for which was created out of thin air as well) to have a place to put your whores, girlfriends, boyfriends, supporters, friends and family into a dead head government job? like what state representative noble ellington did with his HB 170 / ACT 12.

    everything in louisiana is nothing but a scam. the entire state from top to bottom is run by freaks, perverts and criminals.

    UPDATE: see gannett/the town talk alexandria civil service board still opposed to videotaping of meetings or click here to download two page .pdf [15 kb]


    barky: we need to bail out newspapers or blogs will run the world

    via david icke

    'Obama yesterday expressed concern at the sorry state of the news industry and said that he will look at a news paper bailout, because otherwise, blogs will take over the world, and that would be a threat to democracy, the Hill reports.' Read more...


    20 September 2009

    imperial whitetail clover

    we've long been interested in the whitetail institute and their imperial whitetail clover deer food plot seed. so, this year we ordered one of their test plot paks to see how well their seeds do here.

    we're not planting this to harvest deer over. we just want to see if it will come up here and if it will attract any deer. if we were harvesting deer though, we would be practicing quality deer management.

    we chose the institutes "double-up" sampler pak, because it contains seed paks of imperial whitetail clover, double-cross, chicory plus, winter greens, no-plow, alfa-rack plus, extreme and chic magnet as well as 10 lbs each of 30.06 a mineral lick and cutting edge a spring and summer nutritional lick.

    math isnt our forte at all, but we figured that since you get two paks of each product (the website says one package of double-cross but they sent two) and each package contains enough seeds to plant 100 square feet - 10'x10' that by combining the two paks of a brand, you should be able to have enough to plant a 14'x14'.

    we read that double-cross is imperial whitetail clover but with an annual brassica seed mixed in; so by combining the two imperial whitetail clover and the two double-cross paks we should have enough to plant a 20'x20 plot.

    so we picked a spot out. we took a hand-saw and cut down that tallow tree growing in the center and then took a hammer and a nail and made some holes in the stems as well as sawed down into them then poured about a tablespoon of herbicide into them. we mowed it out a couple of times to make it a little bit better.

    the planting dates for all the seeds that we received is from 15 september till 15 november with better results they say the earlier you plant.

    so we checked the famers almanac to see the best days to plant right after the 15th september -- according to it, the 20th - 22nd september are the best days for planting forage crops as well as hay, flowers, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and other aboveground crops.

    so on labor day we sprayed the area out with herbicide. it took two gallons at 6 tablespoons herbicide per gallon of water. we chose labor day because this would give us the 10+ day cushion you are supposed to wait between applying herbicide and planting.

    one day last week we went and raked the stubble and clippings then measured and staked out an area slightly smaller than 20'x20'.

    the famers almanac didnt say which sign the moon was to be in on the 20th. we always prefer to plant when the moon is in cancer and wondered if it was.

    it took awhile to find a website with the moon phase and moon sign locally. we finally found one with a "moon phase calculator."
    so when we saw that on the 20th the moon was going to be in libra we were a bit taken-aback as we had always thought that the best times to plant is when the moon is in cancer then pisces and finally scorpio.

    although we're not 'all in' with this moon sign stuff, we wanted to give our plot all the advantages that we could. so somehow or another we wound up on this page at kaykays.net which excerpts a few pages about planting by the moon phases from the lunar garden: planting by the moon phases by e.a. crawford.

    mr. crawford writes about the findings of maria thun, a german lady who was financed by a group of farmers from 1952 - 1962 to farm by moon sign. ms. thun's results were so surprising that she spun off even more research which mr. crawford sorted out and put together in his 1989 book.
    source link or click here to download eight page .pdf [48 kb]

    anyway, that page said to sow seeds when libra is waxing. looks like the farmers almanac was correct.

    so saturday morning we busted out the mantis.
    after about three hours of dragging around and being drug around by the 'ol mantis we had enough. it took a tankful of gas.

    next we took the garden rake and raked out all the roots and stubble that had come to the surface. then we took the lawn rake and smoothed it out best we could.

    we broadcast around eight pounds (10 double handful's) of 8-24-24 and raked it into the soil. we noticed the label on the fertilizer bag said that its manufactured here in louisiana at deridder by o'neals feeder supply.

    on sunday morning when we got up it was drizzling rain but it stopped in a few minutes as the sun rose.

    last night after we broadcast the fertilizer we brought the spreader home and washed it and wiped it out. this is to help keep the fertilizer residue from melting the metallic parts. we mostly wanted the spreader to be clean so that nothing could foul the seed gate partially open whereby we could lose a bunch of seed.

    so it was back to the food plot where the first thing we did was take an empty barrel and roll it over the soil to pack it down.
    we took the scissors and cut the tops off the four paks and dumped them into a mixing bowl to blend them together.
    this is how all the seed looked in the spreader.

    we were nervous about messing this up. we only had a limited amount of seed but everything seemed to go well you just have to remember that when you get to the end of a row, to stop, bend over and push down the seed gate then to be doubly sure you wont lose any seeds pick the spreader up (so the wheels dont turn) and set it down where you want to begin your next row and you wont lose any seeds. but of coz we wont know if we were as smart as we think we were, unless and until the crop comes up.
    then we rolled the barrel over the seed bed again.
    on monday we'll put out the 30.06 mineral lick somewhere in the woods nearby.


    18 September 2009

    kalb: sheriff and d.a. tip them off to a story for political purposes and jimmy faircloth suppresses a campaign interview

    this is fantastic! kalb tells us that the tip which lead to their original story was actually fed to them by the rapides parish sheriff, chuck wagner and district attorney "jam" downs.

    also jimmy faircloth suppresses kalb's campaign interview!

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  • piyush rats nest
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  • u s dist court judge f a little jr retires

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    major robbery at peabody magnet high school

    we hope they catch whoever did this and beat their ass from broadway to university then on down to the funeral home.

    click here to download the apd police report 12 page .pdf [119 kb] which contains the list of items stolen including their model and serial numbers

    if you have any information about this crime or mysterious computer equipment suddenly appearing from out of nowhere around may and the summer of 2009, please contact:

    crime stoppers tip line at 318.443.7867

    more info about crime stoppers @ www.rpso.org/web/crime.htm

    alexandria, la. police department- report-a-crime web form or call apd dispatcher @ 318.449.5099

    or write:
    1000 BOLTON AVE
    website of peabody magnet high school


    16 September 2009

    congressman dan burton complains about acorn "something funny going on here"

    congressman burton complains about acorn and the millions of taxpayer dollars that the congress has given them and that in light of the recent allegations of wrong doing and corruption lodged against acorn that "we need a thorough investigation of acorn and why they have been authorized to get up to eight and a half billion dollars in taxpayer money for the services that they perform."

    but did you know that congressman burton (along with many others including former louisiana congressman bob livingston) has been named by fbi whistle blower sibel edmons as being an actor in an organized crime ring thats passing classified information to foreign governments? where is that investigation?


    la gop chairman roger villere is a hypocrite and a fraud

    as everyone knows, yesterday the u.s. house of representatives voted 240 - 179 to "disapprove" of congressman joe wilson's "you lie" outburst at president obama during the president's 09 september 2009 address on health care to the joint session of congress.

    not long after the vote, louisiana gop chairman roger villere issued a statement which was picked up and heavily promoted by the dead pelican. ~ link or screen grab, in which villere takes congressman charlie melancon (d) to task for voting for the rebuke.

    congressman melancon is also an announced candidate in next years senatorial election against david vitter.

    however, a closer look at house roll call vote #699 reveals that congressman melancon was not the only representative from louisiana who voted for the rebuke. the other vote was by flaky nola rino anh cao -- yet there is no word or mention of this by villere.

    this failure on villere's part to rebuke louisiana rino's for their behavior is part and parcel of villere's incompetent (read criminal) management of the louisiana republican party.

    when are louisiana republicans ever going to get a clue and clean up and run off the criminals like villere who himself is a rino who are running their party into the ground? why cant they see that villere and company are working a plan to destroy the la gop?

    why wont louisiana republicans demand honest, respectable leaders as well as political candidates and elected officials?
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    15 September 2009

    H RES 744 congress 'disapproves' of joe wilson's "you lie" outburst 240 to 179

    c-span provides a raw copy of H.RES 744 
    two page .pdf [26 kb]

    Raising a question of the privileges of the House.
    Whereas on September 9, 2009, during the joint session of Congress convened pursuant to House Concurrent Resolution 179, the President of the United States, speaking at the invitation of the House and Senate, had his remarks interrupted by the Representative from South Carolina, Mr. Wilson; and 

    Whereas the conduct of the Representative from South Carolina was a breach of decorum and degraded the proceedings of the joint session, to the discredit of the House: Now, therefore, be it 

    Resolved, That the House of Representatives disapproves of the behavior of the Representative from South Carolina, Mr. Wilson, during the joint session of Congress held on September 9, 2009.
    UPDATE: the official text of H.RES 744 has not been added to the library of congress or and govtrack yet.
    click here to download our copy one page .pdf [148 kb].

    house roll call vote #699

    louisiana delegation (7)

    yea (240)
    anh cao 
    charlie melancon
    nay (179)
    rodney alexander
    charles boustany
    bill cassidy 
    john fleming
    steve scalise 
    see also


    crop circles explained


    Although the circles have appeared worldwide in wheat, oats, spinach, grass, peas, rice, linseed, maize, oil-seed rape, sunflowers, mustard, barley, sugar-beet, rye, and a multitude of other crops, most cereal artists prefer to concentrate upon just three.

    These are grown and harvested in a smooth, overlapping progression; oil-seed rape in April through May, barley throughout May and June, and wheat from June until early September.

    [W]e will give you all the information you will need to work with these plants, and eventually, with a little practice, produce genuine, dowsable, scientifically proven un-hoaxable circles patterns.

    The tools you will need are relatively unsophisticated...


    media hush-hush over green zone shelling during joe biden visit

    anchor: "so what about the vice president...when this happened..."

    repeater: "uh we really are not at liberty to talk too much about that...[the vice president] was not in the building, uh but where he was and what he's doing is not something we really want to to disclose."