23 September 2009

piyush scammed: a hillbilly gets a clue

in a letter to the editor of the baton rouge morning advocate, mr. tassin claims that he wont be pushin' pi no mo:

Letter: Jindal loses Republican supporter

* Published: Sep 23, 2009 - Page: 8B

I was 100 percent for Bobby Jindal for governor during the 2007 campaign. I volunteered during the campaign, putting up yard signs, attending meetings, working in the phone bank etc.

My front yard was used as the Jindal tent was put up for the annual Kenilworth July Fourth parade. I had a huge Jindal-for-governor yard sign that was seen by thousands of people over the six months it was up.

I even sent a letter to The Advocate that was published on Sept. 8, 2007, defending Jindal when the Democratic Party brought religion into the governor's race.

I was even responsible for having two signs put up at the entrances to Kenilworth subdivision which stated, "Boyhood home of Governor Bobby Jindal."

After doing all these things, I never received a thank-you letter from Jindal or anyone in his administration.

I had confidence in him that he would be the best governor that Louisiana ever had.

I have lost my faith in him as have tens of thousands of other individuals statewide who voted for him. He has made mistake after mistake after mistake. The latest one is what prompted me to write this letter.

The Advocate headline on Sept. 4 stated, "Jindal calls church visits appropriate." Well, I totally disagree. He can attend Protestant church services every Sunday, but he should pay the cost, not the citizens of Louisiana. He can have town-hall meetings, but they should be at town halls, not churches of worship.

What makes America strong and different from most other countries is the fact that we have separation of church and state. Giving talks at churches on Sundays using taxpayers' money is a violation of the doctrine. Mr. Jindal is politicizing houses of worship.

As a lifetime Republican, having served 16 years on the Republican State Central Committee and two years as treasurer of the Louisiana Republican Party, I am willing to lead a group entitled "Republicans against Jindal."

He has no idea how much support he has lost. Every candidate that he has endorsed for the state Legislature has been defeated, including the Senate race in his home district.

I’m looking forward to the 2011 governor’s race to support anyone but Jindal. Let's geaux and work and find us a new candidate to support.

L. Paul Tassin Jr.
retired state worker
Baton Rouge

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