08 September 2009


angry white dude isnt impressed with blackdonalds err mcdonalds efforts to celebrate the african-american culture 365 days a year.


In a pathetic move pandering to black customers, McDonalds has created McDonalds365Black. It is a website dedicated to celebrating black culture.

Someone has convinced McDonalds to market to blacks and write off other races. You don’t see McDonalds365White, do you? Why, that would be racist!


Since McDonalds has decided to be BlackDonalds, I thought I would help them with their new marketing.

First off, Ronald McDonald doesn’t sound like he’s shimmied up the ol’ Baobab tree. They should look for a more afro-centric name like Relonzo BlackDonald.

The Hamburgler should be the Drive By Ham-Booyah who targets white devils eating at Panera Bread with his “9!”

The Golden Arches should be changed to be the Golden Bars where gangstas like to eat! On BlackDonald’s menu, here are a few suggestions:

Snoop Doggy Hot Dog – A skinny hot dog with a side order of weed and a hand-cuff prize to honor its namesake! Fo shizzle!

OJ Simpson Orange Juice – 100% pure orange juice from the orchard beside the course where OJ played golf while searching for Nicole’s killer. Comes with toy knife to practice keeping your bitches in line, playa.

Malcolm XtraCheese Burger – Uses cheese from only black farmers who hate white devils as much as Brother Malcolm. And cheese made from the milk of black cows who are fed on the leaves of the Baobab tree!

The Bootylicious Burger – with over 3,000 calories, this burger will put mo’ junk in yo trunk homegirl! We talkin’ Oprah ass up in here!

The Rev. Al Sharpton Shake – flavored with drippings from the Revrum’s own Jeri-Curl he wear on his do. Take yo shake for Revrum Al’s sake and protest some racism in da white people’s hood!

Michael Jackson Chicken Sammich! Made with white meat only from the youngest of chickens. So good, you’ll be sayin’ “Tito, I need a tissue.” Shamon!

Big Mac Daddy – Get yo’ pimp on, playa playa! You want to eat this with yo’ 8 button suit and gators on yo feets! Make sure you don’t drip this greasy goodness on the seat of yo’ fly hoopty! ~ read more
we wonder if city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy could finance one of these blackdonalds mcdonalds to open up at the old hodges stock yard with some of his $40 million sparc bond money stimulus measures plan?
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