28 September 2009

imperial whitetail clover update 1 day 8

on sunday 20 september 2009 we seeded an approximately 20'x20' test plot with the whitetail institute's imperial whitetail clover. part of the seed included an annual brassica seed blend they named 'double-cross.' roughly 4 parts imperial whitetail clover seed to about 1 part brassica seed.

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imperial whitetail clover w/annual brassica seedlings

it seems like the seeds germinated pretty well. something is coming up ... from the time we sowed the seed early sunday morning up to thursday afternoon, the test plot (as well as everything else) received no direct sunlight.

on thursday afternoon from around 3pm - 5pm the eastern half of the test plot received some sunlight before it clouded up again.

during that period the plot did receive a lot of rain but it was all gentle rain. no gully-washers.

it wasnt sunny again until saturday. then yesterday was sunny and so far today too.

this morning we discovered this fawn track. we know that there is a doe with twin fawns lurking around. the fawns are about as big as a medium sized dog and as near as we can tell, were born around 01 august. they are still wearing their baby clothes.

now at least three deer know of the plot. soon others will too. so what happens if they eat it all down; before it has a chance to establish itself? time will tell.
cutting edge - optimize nutritional supplement lick

this lick we placed like the instructions said off of a trail. this trail is one that leads into the food plot. you might not can tell from the picture but something has really pulverized the lick. this could just be armadillos, skunks or raccoons.
the 30.06 lick is in the woods on the other side of the test plot. to get there you have to cross a creek containing alligators. thanks to gustav though, there is now a handy log to cross over.

but...we're not willing to push our luck this early on a monday morning...
especially just after our dog killed this rather large cotton mouth water moccasin, so we'll check it later.
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