23 September 2009

buddy caldwell is a liar

we supported and voted for buddy caldwell for attorney general. we thought he was different but he's no different at all - he's just another political hack. what a disappointment this clown has turned out to be.

the baton rouge morning advocate reports that "general" caldwell is angry with his fellow bullshit artist -- the governor over funding for his office to investigate acorn. 2theadvocat.com: jindal blocks resources, ag says or click here to download two page .pdf [23 kb]

acorn is in the news a lot right now and so like a good political opportunist "general" caldwell is angry that he cant afford to take advantage of the situation to gain some free personal publicity.

imagine the unmitigated gall on the part of "general" caldwell marching up to the governor's office and demanding more funding for his office, then -- then complaining that his "investigation into acorn was slowed by gov. bobby jindal’s opposition to a fee that would have raised money to hire more investigators."

the tax which the advocate writer mark ballard disingenuously calls a "fee" is referring to House Bill No. 569.

in the HB 569 internet access tax scam -- that was the one wherein "general" caldwell conned a simple-minded denham springs rino, named mack "bodi" white, into sponsoring what started out being a .50 cents per month tax on everyone in louisiana's internet access account bill to investigate internet predators a/k/a "the monsters."

the bill would have created the "internet crimes investigation fund," a fund, the legislators said for a special unit in the attorney general's office to investigate mysterious internet predators a/k/a "the monsters", that seem to hang-out in never named chatrooms which apparently attracts mostly other cops and not too many kids. HB 569 had nothing whatsoever to do with conducting investigations into entities such as acorn. read the original bill yourself.

now the "general" is going to the governor and the media and telling a totally different story than what he told to the legislature and from what his useful idiots told to their fellow legislators and to the citizens of louisiana about the bills purpose: investigating internet pervs a/k/a "the monsters" -- like no one can remember what happened in this years legislative session.

the "general" knew all along that he was going to use the new tax money for whatever purpose he wanted -- like hiring lots of new people. the bit about funding a special unit to investigate internet predators a/k/a "the monsters" was just a lie. a trick to play on peoples emotions to rush the bill through.

heres a telling part in mr. ballard's story:

Federal investigators would have put a team of FBI agents, accountants, lawyers and support staff to analyze the 35 or so boxes of documents produced by the subpoenas, [caldwell] said.
"general" caldwell wants his own fbi type strike-force. yo homes you aint the fbi. louisiana is chock full of dummies. theres no hi-tech criminals that cant be caught the old fashioned way around here. whats more, you cant even do anything about louisiana political and governmental corruption thats all around you. so how you gonna successfully investigate a group as large and well funded and protected by powerful political benefactors such as acorn?

we dont need the louisiana attorney general to be monitoring the internet and chasing rainbows. what we want for you to do, is the job that you were elected to do and that is for you to be out on the streets arresting all these political and governmental criminals and sending them to angola.

clean up your own back yard first. in fact just today, times-picayune columnist, james gill catches buddy caldwell in another good ol boy coverup scam: attorney general buddy caldwell endorses splitting hairs or click here to download two page .pdf [17].

does it sound like this rino fraudster john schroder thought that HB 569 was for funding anything other than a special unit for internet predators a/k/a "the monsters" when he actually carried his sorry ass to the house floor to give this tax his wholehearted support?

look how pathetic these people are. especially that "bodi" white. he actually cries because he didnt get to foist a tax upon his own mother! what kind of freaks are we electing?

louisiana elected officials they nothing but a bunch of liars and criminals. they just lie and try to make you think you're the one crazy when you catch them lying.

we dont even see the point in voting for people for office anymore. they're all the same. the only reason to go to the polls anymore is when a tax is on the ballot to go and vote no to.

you can bet that as america and louisiana continue to degrade and go bankrupt, that there will be plenty enough sad sack liars selling lots of taxes to fight off.