25 September 2009

ball mayor roy hebron, police chief others indicted!

UPDATE: 05 february 2011 ball mayor roy hebron plead guilty and resigned today


town of ball, la. mayor roy hebron
town of ball, la. police chief jay barber

SHREVEPORT (AP) -- A federal grand jury has indicted the mayor of Ball, the town's police chief and three other municipal employees in a case involving hurricane disaster fraud. read more

ap: town of ball, la. mayor roy hebron, police chief jay barber, town clerk brenda kimball, police officer curtis atkins and judy crowe, a police department employee indicted on fraud charges relating to hurricane relief funds.

town of ball, la. official website: www.ball.govoffice2.com

hebron et al indictment press release two page .pdf [27 kb] from office of u.s. attorney donald washington.

click here to download six page .pdf copy of the indictment [201 kb]