22 September 2009

the alexandria, la. municipal fire and police civil service commission board wants to keep its proceedings secret

this five object to the city of alexandria, la. video taping their meetings.

city of alexandria, la. attorney chaz johnson citing la r.s. 42:8 told em to go jump in the lake. good for him.

it never was made clear in the story if the civil service commission meetings are broadcast live or rebroadcast live on tape over alexandria's government access channel. currently suddenlink cable channel 4.

if not, then why not? and why isnt there a state law requiring every public body to video tape their meetings and post the videos to their websites as well as those public bodies which are located in parishes with governmental access channels, like alexandria and rapides parish, to broadcast meetings live over that as well?

could it be, because the criminals in the loony looziana legislature are more interested in protecting their fellow governmental criminals? how about instead of a law mandating the online streaming of public meetings or any laws that make sense -- spend a lot of time passing a law banning novelty cigarette lighters [HB 199 / ACT 89] this was empty-headed, faux coon ass, karen st. germaine's idea of creating a better louisiana.

or how about creating another quasi-governmental board funded by tax dollars (the tax for which was created out of thin air as well) to have a place to put your whores, girlfriends, boyfriends, supporters, friends and family into a dead head government job? like what state representative noble ellington did with his HB 170 / ACT 12.

everything in louisiana is nothing but a scam. the entire state from top to bottom is run by freaks, perverts and criminals.

UPDATE: see gannett/the town talk alexandria civil service board still opposed to videotaping of meetings or click here to download two page .pdf [15 kb]