31 July 2006

rodney alexander + knoe-tv & will moses= full of crap

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when we first clicked over on the dead pelican tonight and saw this headline we thought oh boy we get to do another fake republican watch post similar to the ones we posted here and here. you know fake republicans the ones who always introduce or are voting on anti-republican legislation because republicans are supposed to stand for less government regulation and lower taxes blah, blah, blah.

we thought we were onto something good when we clicked over and read knoe's very deceptive story that is until we actually researched this bill which isnt even a bill its a house concurrent resolution but we are getting ahead of ourselves.
knoe snip:
Alexander's bill would require oil companies to use at least a portion of their earnings to expand refining capacity. It's one of several moves Alexander believes would increase supply and bring down the price of gasoline.
alexander's bill which isnt a bill does nothing of the same. its a worthless house concurrent resolution that merely expresses the "sense of congress" ('sense of congress' what an oxymoron) "...that american oil companies SHOULD (emphasis ours) reinvest their profits into building additional refining capacity..."

now you have to understand rodney alexander. for one thing he is a turncoat a backstabber and a deceiver. he was elected back in 2002 because he was a democrat then he switches parties to republican because mean ol nancy pelosi scared him LOL. what a clown. now alexander is back on the deception train aided by knoe-tv and "reporter" will moses.

which brings us to another thing - all you news hawks that stop by here would it kill you to put the bill numbers in your stories? or do you bother to research anything that you report on? it looks to us like you took some press release you received from alexander's office then didnt bother to check it before rushing out to file a story about it. it took us about two minutes to find this bill which isnt a bill but a concurrent resolution on the house.gov website. we might add that we dont have a staff or a bank of computers or any fact checkers - heck on this table we dont even have a pencil or a pad of paper, so whats your excuse???

2d Session

H. CON. RES. 460

Expressing the sense of Congress that American oil companies should build additional refining capacity on existing refinery campuses.


July 28, 2006

Mr. ALEXANDER submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce


Expressing the sense of Congress that American oil companies should build additional refining capacity on existing refinery campuses.

Whereas gasoline prices are currently on average over $3 per gallon in the United States;

Whereas there is a known shortage of refinery capacity in the United States and we are unable to process enough supply of gasoline to meet the Nation's demand;

Whereas the United States is forced to import approximately 1,000,000 barrels of crude oil each day;

Whereas crude oil prices are currently at $75 per barrel with no drop in that price in the foreseeable future;

Whereas the profits of American oil companies are reaching record highs;

Whereas a stable, steady oil supply and United States refining capacity is a national security issue; and

Whereas current refinery capacity is stretched to its limits: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that American oil companies should reinvest their profits into building additional refining capacity on existing refinery campuses so that the United States will become independent of foreign refineries and, in effect, help to reduce the current high price of gasoline.
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    bush irony

    heres how the bush crime family pays back their useful idiots once they become no longer useful. this couldnt have happened to a more deserving person.

    Fla. Republicans Won't Back Rep. Harris
    Jul 31 1:45 PM US/Eastern

    Associated Press Writer


    The state Republican Party bluntly told Rep. Katherine Harris that she couldn't win this fall's Senate election and that the party wouldn't support her campaign, a letter obtained Monday by The Associated Press shows.

    Party Chairman Carole Jean Jordan made a last-ditch attempt in the confidential May 7 letter to force Harris out of the race for the nomination to challenge Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson. But the next day, Harris turned in paperwork to get her name on the Sept. 5 Republican primary ballot.

    The letter came as Gov. Jeb Bush was trying to get state House Speaker Allan Bense into the race. Bense announced later that week that he would not enter the race.

    Harris rose to national prominence as Florida's secretary of state during the bitter presidential election recount in 2000 that gave the White House to George Bush. She was elected to the U.S. House in 2002.

    The Harris campaign didn't return a phone message seeking comment Monday.

    The letter was also signed by national committeewoman Sharon Day and national committeeman Paul Senft.

    "Katherine, though it causes us much anguish, we have determined that your campaign faces irreparable damage," the letter said. "We feel that we have no other choice but to revoke our support."

    "The polls tell us that no matter how you run this race, you will not be successful in beating Bill Nelson, who would otherwise be a vulnerable incumbent if forced to face a stronger candidate," it said.

    Since the letter was written, three political newcomers have entered the race against Harris: LeRoy Collins Jr., son of a former Florida governor; Peter Monroe, a developer who helped manage the government's savings and loan bailout; and lawyer William McBride.

    The state Republican Party confirmed the letter's contents Monday. In a statement, Jordan said she was "disappointed" that the private letter had been made public but added that "our concerns about the race and Congresswoman Harris' campaign still exist."

    In a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday, Harris had a comfortable lead in the GOP primary race but was behind Nelson by 37 percentage points in a general election matchup.

    The letter to Harris listed major obstacles, including coverage of campaign contributions she took from a defense contractor, Mitchell Wade, who later pleaded guilty to bribing another congressman.

    Harris has said she wasn't aware of the illegal contributions and that she was only trying to bring high-wage jobs to her district when she tried to help Wade's company, MZM Inc., get a federal contract.


    S. 3711, the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security bill.

    **updated 4:40 pm cdt tuesday 01 august 2006** S.3711 just passed the senate on final passage vote 71 yeas - 25 nays. the bill now goes to the house for debate.
    *updated 5:05 pm cdt** via c-span2 the senate has just voted 72 yea - 23 nay to invoke rule XXII: the cloture rule which is a rule to limit debate on S.3711. a final vote on the bill could come tomorrow. the bill then will have to go to the house for debate.
    senator mary landrieu will be on the c-span program washington journal tomorrow morning tuesday 01 august 2006 starting at 6:00 am central time.

    according to the senate.gov website:
    Monday, July 31, 2006
    2:00 p.m (1:00 p.m. cst): Convene and begin a period of morning business.
    Thereafter, resume consideration of S. 3711, the Gulf of
    Mexico Energy Security bill.
    Title: A bill to enhance the energy independence and security of the United States by providing for exploration, development, and production activities for mineral resources in the Gulf of Mexico, and for other purposes.
    The U.S. Senate is expected to vote Monday on whether to expand oil and gas drilling to more than 8 million acres of Gulf waters that currently are off-limits to energy development.

    The bill also would give a greater share of the revenue from the offshore oil and gas to Louisiana and other Gulf states.

    The issue is being watched by people all across the country. Supporters hope it will make more oil available and help keep down the price of fuel. Business groups from various regions have been lobbying hard for the bill.
    more later...


    30 July 2006

    another dumb decision by the governor

    first off we voted for governor blanco back on 15 november 2003 simply because we felt that louisiana at that time didnt need a republican in the governor's chair because we dont trust george w bush: we didnt think it was a good idea to have a republican in that position to give bush and the republicans more power and as it turns out we were right. hurricanes katrina and rita aside we will not vote or support governor blanco next year (2007) simply because she is not a reformer. we still dont think that the governor is a necessarily a bad or evil person she just has terrible advisors.

    hb 685: despite massive public opposition and outcry the governor signed into law hb685 (act 313) the mandatory ethanol bill. nevermind that it came out prior to her signing it that a senator that supported it senator joe mcpherson owns an interest in a company called "rapides ethanol partners." governor blanco signed hb685 into law despite the fact that agriculture secretary bob odom in a interview with kalb-tv admitted that blanco crony the shaw group would stand to profit from this mandatory bill. oh yeah the governor signed hb685 into law despite its being fronted by shady businessman/state representative/reservoir thug francis thompson and that was enough reason for us to oppose this garbage.

    recently the governor tried some political manuever that backfired on her when she attempted to shut up state treasurer john kennedy by saying words to the effect that he as state treasurer should bear some of the responsibility for cutting the pork from the state budget. not to be outdone treasurer kennedy stepped up to the plate and identified around $30 million dollars [23.5million eur] that should be cut. what does the governor do? she cuts around $3million [2.4million eur] instead.

    hb658 hodges gardens joe salter. heres another waste of money bill the governor signed into law. shady character state representative and speaker of the house joe salter introduced this bill for the state to take over hodges gardens despite the fact that its a money pit. its also been reported that salter's wife's sister-in-law works in the hodges gardens gift shop.

    these are just a few reasons that we can think of on a beautiful sunday morning here in rapides parish as to why the governor's decision to run again is another dumb choice. lest you get the idea that we have changed our minds about piyush "bobby" jindal no we havent. the guy is a weasel. he voted for the usa patriot act he is a traitor to the constitution and the bill of rights. hes for a dictatorial chief executive and he is for a total survellience police state. if next years governor's race comes down to a choice between blanco and jindal then we will cast a nonballot in that race. oh we will vote for other candidates for other offices but we cant in good conscience vote for either of these two for governor or for anything else.

    we have to stop now. like we said its a beautiful sunday morning here in rapides parish and we can feel our blood pressure rocketing upwards lol.

    ps: chad did you change the background of your site? we are a touch color blind and it appears that the background is an off white-blueish color now.
    "There's lots of shady characters, lots of dirty deals Every name's an alias in case somebody squeals It's the lure of easy money, it's got a very strong appeal...See it in the headlines, you hear it every day They say they're gonna stop it but it doesn't go away" - glenn frey 'smugglers blue's'


    29 July 2006

    get the lead out!

    have you ever been a boss or owned a small business or even worked at one? then you know how hard it is nowadays to find good qualified workers and how its even harder to make sure that they actually show up to work when they are supposed to. james g. robinson, ceo of morgan creek productions sure does. looks like mr. robinson was having some problems with one of his workers when he put the pen to the paper and wrote what surely will turn out to be the template for all future correspondence between frustrated bosses and their sloppy employees everywhere:

    click picture to enlarge


    28 July 2006

    jacques roy to announce

    **updated 5:15 pm cdt tuesday 01 august 2006** see cenlamar Jacques Roy To Announce Candidacy For Mayor Of Alexandria

    yay we get to use our drudge siren.
    **updated 1:56 pm cdt saturday 29 july 2006**
    we saw that... has learned that last night jacques roy told the crowd at local restaurant the diamond grill that he is indeed running for mayor...things just got a lot more interesting...
    according to the louisiana secretary of state's election return database in the 2002 alexandria mayoral race held on 05 october that year, there were a total of 11,577 votes cast. view that here or click here to view precinct by precinct returns. (43 precincts)
    meanwhile, over on cenla antics a commentator called "lynton hester" is planning to join the mayors race as well.

    Lynton Hester said...

    Landslide Lynton? I just think it is worth $350.00 to make things interesting.


    Lynton Hester said...

    When I jump in it will be for real and for keeps. This is my birthplace and I am seriously dissattisfied with our current circumstances. Focusing on positive solutions will overcome the negatives we are now experiencing. It is very easy to find fault without offering solutions and intelligent solutions will be what propels us to a brighter future for our city.
    past election returns:
    1990 side note: in this race kenneth doyle defeated j w cotton merchant by 1 vote school board dist h
    **cenlamar blog has an online mayor's race poll click here to go there and participate**.
    original post

    we saw that... has received credible information that next week local attorney jacques roy will announce his intention to seek the office of mayor of alexandria, louisiana. we will post more information as it becomes available.
    central la politics blog supports jacques roy for mayor see jacques roy for mayor?
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    um...okay..matt...and this warrants a giant headline and siren because...?
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    tommy cicardo "because they could" book tour update

    because they could

    **updated 12:58pm cdt sunday 30 july 2006**

    heres a cut from the lake charles american press website:

    Former Alexandria Police Chief Thomas Cicardo will have a book signing for his novel, " Because They Could," 1-3 p.m. Saturday, July 29, at Books-A-Million in the Southgate Shopping Center , 2934 Ryan St.

    The book revolves around a determined police chief trying to hold his Louisiana town together while prejudice, greed and a biased newspaper that will do anything to boost sales further divide the town already on fire with racial tension.

    Alexandria native Cicardo is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and the LSU Law Enforcement Institute in Baton Rouge. He served 30 years with the Alexandria Police Department, retiring as police chief in 2003.
    tommy cicardo was the alexandria, louisiana chief of police who according to the apd website was chief from 10 august 1997 -- 15 august 2003.

    mr. cicardo wrote a book about his experiences in law enforcement the title is "because they could." cicardo's book is set in the fictional city of "alemette" louisiana. mandy goodnight with the alexandria daily town talk wrote a review of "because they could" back in july of 2005: see Names, places familiar in former police chief's book.

    cicardo plans to be in lake charles, louisiana tomorrow (saturday 29 july 2006) from 1:00 pm until 3:00 at books-a-million, 2934 ryan street, telephone: 337-436-3577, then on to baton rouge for another signing and an interview on the "around town show"

    according to an email we received from carolyn cicardo: "the last book signing at borders in baton rouge was their most successful signing to date." mrs. cicardo also promises an upcoming 3rd edition:
    "We've been in contact with a literary agent in New York, who read a sample of the book. His thoughts were this and I quote "On an individual basis, these tales are quite captivating, but it needs help in the narrative structure." He suggested an editor with expertise in commercial/mainstream genre. So, here goes edition 3"
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  • ====
    "Because They Could"
    Paperback: 274 pages
    Publisher: patterson printing co,
    benton harbor michican 49022

    ISBN: 0977908801
    available online or in stores
    AMAZON.COM - click link


    alexandria city council shenanigans

    kudos to billy gunn and the town talk for uncovering and publishing this story. seems that city councilman and mayoral candidate charles frederick smith and the alexandria city council were poised to approve some mysterious consulting firm at tuesday nights council meeting.

    town talk snip:
    The Alexandria City Council on Tuesday was set to vote on a contract with a brand new company that no one knows much about, including some council members who were to decide on hiring the firm without debate.

    The wording in Mirus LLC's professional services contract explaining what exactly the firm would do is vague, and the contract was written before the company was registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office.
    Council President Charles F. Smith Jr. had the lone signature on the "fact sheet," paper work meant to explain why an ordinance is needed and who is requesting it.

    The section on the fact sheet that calls for an explanation of why the city needs Mirus is blank.

    click the link to read more.


    27 July 2006

    Torah Jew: Lebanon bombing shows Israeli leaders are Anti-Jewish

    more under reported news via daryl bradford smith:

    A Jew explains that the bombing of Lebanon is more evidence that leaders of Israel are not following the Torah. Rather, they are interested in "oppression, bullying, provocation, and 'World Domination'." Jews can figure this out, but most of the goyim are still having trouble.

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    America – Land of Lies and Strong Delusion!

    we're always so happy when david j meyer publishes his monthly last trumpet newsletter and we just noticed that he has published his august newsletter a few days early. meyer is a former witch and satanist heres some excerpts click the link to read the whole thing.

    Special Note: The Gay Pride Parade has won Israeli high court approval to be held in Jerusalem on August 10th, 2006. This will fill Jerusalem with the spirits of Sodom, and the sodomites plan to occupy the Temple Mount as well. The leaders of Islam have vowed to fight the Israeli State to the death to prevent this desecration! This is the reason for the war that you will not hear on the news. See Revelation 11:8.

    In this issue of the Last Trumpet, we will once again examine the astounding events that are now shaking our world, and we will do so using the light of God’s Word to bring us to a clear understanding of the shocking reality of the urgency that is now pressing upon us. There has never been a time such as this when all the final prophecies of the Scripture are converging to complete fulfillment so quickly and with such precision. One would have to be spiritually blind to not understand that something is terribly wrong with our nation and the entire world. Sadly, it is a fact that the vast majority of the people in this world are walking in spiritually blindness, including the denominations of so-called “Christianity.” Like the men of Sodom, who were blinded by the angels because of their unbridled lust and experienced the fiery wrath of God without the ability to see it, so are the vast populations of the nations at this time. They are blind to the judgment that is about to decisively destroy them and catapult them into the depths of a sinner’s eternal damnation.

    We are now seeing a large-scale war between elements in Lebanon and the Israeli State. The forces of Hezbollah are firing an average of one rocket per minute at Israeli cities, and this massive fire power has amazed the United States and the Israelis. We are now at a time when full-scale global war could break out at any moment.

    click here for aerial view

    We have also discovered that there is a massive swastika-shaped building at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California. This swastika shape is clearly visible from the air, and when facing true north, the swastika is tilted exactly as the Gestapo wore them on their uniforms. This building is known as “the seals lair.” (17) They said it couldn’t happen in America, but this is no longer the America we were born in!

    There are many examples of the symbols and number of the beast in advertising. Another example is a product called head on, which is supposed to eliminate headaches by rubbing a stick-like device on the forehead. The woman doing the commercial is shown rubbing the stick on her forehead and saying, “Head on: apply directly to the forehead.” She says these words three times. The words head on contain six letters, which is a 666 on the forehead.

    The United States is now in a much weaker condition than people can imagine. Recently, President Bush announced that he was sending 2,500 National Guard troops to guard our southern border. When it came to doing it, he could only come up with 483 troops. (25) Much of our National Guard is being used as an International Guard and is spread out so thin around the world that there is hardly anyone to protect the homeland.

    This problem also revealed itself recently when the crime rate in New Orleans became so high that Governor Kathleen Blanco ordered three hundred National Guard troops to enforce the law in New Orleans and could only come up with one hundred and had to promise to send two hundred more later. (26)

    It is a sad fact that the crime rate has increased so much in all of our major cities that law enforcement agencies cannot handle the problem, and the situation is out of control. Our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., has such a problem with violent crime that the city has declared a crime emergency! Armed robbery, rapes, and murders are committed right on the National Mall! (27) With fuel prices gone wild, our nation is feeling the effect of a distressed economy all the more, and crime will continue because of it. Recently, BBC News reported that a war with Iran would triple the now outrageous fuel prices in the United States. (28)

    A Bewitched and Demoralized Nation!

    Why has so much evil befallen this erstwhile great nation? Should we wonder about that when we consider the gross evil and heavy appetites for iniquity by a demonized and illumiized population who remain under the influence of witchcraft? The Bible has much to say in condemning witchcraft, and Galatians 5:20 lists it as a work of the flesh The 21st verse tells us that “….they which do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.”

    On June 30th, 2006, ABC News released a story about a new witch school that has opened in Hoopeston, Illinois. The CEO and director of the witch school is Ed Hubbard, who had this to say about his school: “The school is dedicated to educating the public in Wicca…the school has roughly 120,000 active students who enroll in internet courses and 30 to 50 more are added each day…..In 1990, only 8,000 people in the United States openly claimed Wicca as their religion, that number was increased to 134,000 in 2001.” (30)

    It is a sad fact that witchcraft is almost everywhere, and it brings a great curse with it. The vast array of disasters that are now afflicting our nation is just the beginning of what is to come, and only a true repentance can change things. I do not see that happening at this time. I must also mention at this point that August 1st of every year is a high cross-quarter sabat of witchcraft known as Lughnasaid (pronounced loo-na-sa) and is the celebration of the harvest of not only produce from the earth, but also of souls. Witches look at the year as a circle, and they divide the circle first into four parts or quarters and then into four more parts or cross-quarters making eight divisions that are marked as sabats. Witchcraft designs and terminology are built into our calendar and our daily vocabulary. Even the word cereal, so often eaten at breakfast, is taken from the name of the pagan goddess Ceres, also known as Demeter by the Greeks. Ceres was worshipped as the goddess of grain, especially on her day of Cerealia or April 19th. The goddess was also honored, however, at the harvest time of Lughnasaid.

    In Britain, six new coins with images of Harry Potter have been minted, and the 1-crown coins are legal tender on the Isle of Man, which is largely populated by witches. (31)

    Witchcraft has a demoralizing effect, and this is clearly visible in our strange, present society. Recent studies have shown that thirty-six percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. Witches have set the trend for this, but Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos. It is also true that many witches make their money as prostitutes. Sexual sins are plaguing our nation as never before, because it is a spiritual problem. During the time of the witches’ sabat of Midsummer, or the third week of June, Los Angeles, California, hosted an erotica convention, which drew 50,000 participants who attended a series of sex seminars where they were taught techniques in perversion, and many were prepared to audition for forthcoming porno movies. (32)

    In Germany, there are heavy elements of witchcraft, and during the year 2002, Germany legalized prostitution. There are now 400,000 working prostitutes in Germany, and they reportedly were all kept busy by the soccer fans that gathered there for the World Cup competition. Prostitution in Germany is a multi-billion dollar industry. (33)

    In Houston, Texas, a new billboard advertising Budweiser beer is attracting much attention. The massive billboards have a picture of Jesus in the center holding a can of Budweiser beer in front of his face. In large print, the left side of the billboard says “King of Jews” and the right side says “King of Beers.” (34) Florida has another serious problem. Sexually transmitted diseases are wildly epidemic in the retirement villages of senior citizens, and doctors are shocked by it. One gynecologist said that she has treated more cases of genital herpes and papilloma in retirement villages than in downtown Miami. Doctors have also noted a heavy use of Viagra in these retirement centers, and people in their 80’s are among the diseased. (35)

    Why has our country become so corrupt and such a shame and disgrace to common decency? It is because organized religion in America is demonized, and false prophets and teachers are everywhere. Here let it be noted that the infamous Rick Warren and his so-called “purpose-driven” ministry have become popular with the North Korean Communist government. The multi-millionaire Warren has recently been invited to North Korea to speak to 15,000 people. Ingrid Schlueter of VCY America Radio Network said it very well regarding this Rick Warren event with the following words: “Warren won’t call the communist faithful to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ because he preaches a man-centered, counterfeit gospel. Not for a moment do these leaders worry that they will have a Christian revival on their hands by letting Mr. Warren speak. Rick Warren is loved and feted because his message is absent the cross and Christ’s call to die. That’s why he is popular and politically useful.” (36)
    click the link to read more
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    26 July 2006

    delores brewer video blogged!

    kalb blog permalink

    mayor of alexandria, louisiana series


    50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill

    **updated thursday 26 april 2007** we're sorry but it appears that the hill has removed this article/webpages from its website.

    added 6:59 pm cdt 26 july 2006
    the girl in the top picture is kelli bondy an aide to rep. piyush "bobby" jindal (r-la.) and the girl in the bottom picture is melanie roussell, press secretary to rep. william "dollar bill" jefferson (d-la.)
    original post
    the hill has posted what they proclaim to be the "50 most beautiful people on capitol hill." heres one of our favorites. click the link to view all 50.

    Majida Mourad
    She handled international energy issues as a senior aide to then-Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham and now as a partner and vice president at the Abraham Group.


    24 July 2006

    washington parish council thanked

    Washington Parish, Louisiana
    Special to we saw that...

    its always nice when citizens come together to show appreciation to our elected officials when they do whats right. lord knows thats not very often here in louisiana.

    Here are the photos from tonight's Washington Parish Council Meeting. Constituents from Washington Parish presented Community Preservation Awards to the four councilmen who voted to pull SB 639 from the legislature because of the expropriation language in the bill.

    Below is a statement that was read after the presentation of the awards that was read by Mrs. Beth Mizell:

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is very rare that the spirit of our nation's fore fathers gets to shine threw the smoke and mirrors of today's political systems. On the 22nd of May, it shown brightly through a single vote of these four men. Through the smoke and mirrors they saw what could have been potential problems for the people of this parish, and they heard their cries.

    The councilmen's vote of none support on May 22nd, sent a clear message to the people of Washington Parish, the state, and all of their political machines, that even in times when we need economic development, the rights and freedoms of the people of this parish will be protected. Also, that the spirit of our nation's fore fathers, though maybe dead in most places, lives on here in Washington Parish.

    Please accept this small token of our appreciation appreciation for the work you have done to help protect our homes, communities, and parish. We hope that your light, and that of our nation's fore fathers, will lead others in the same direction. Please notice that the eagle has been chosen because it is the symbol of America's spirit, her freedom, her morals, and her people's rights. Let it soar above you and live in your hearts. Whenever you are in doubt, let it lead you. Follow it and you will never go wrong. Please continue to listen to the people who put their trust in you, for they are the communities that you serve and protect.

    Gentlemen, for your efforts and service to this parish, we applaud you.

    Photos and report courtesy: Jalon Beech

    Washington Parish La. Councilmen from left to right: Ken Wheat, Marv Thomas, Relton Sumrall, and Clinton Miley show off their Community Preservation Awards

    Washington Parish Community Preservation Awards

    Washington Parish Councilman Clinton Miley and Ed McDonald

    Washington Parish Councilman Relton Sumrall and Margaret Jeanfreau
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    robbing the bank twice

    the prestridge crime family

    we came across this interesting 3rd circuit opinion from trolling the la state supreme court's website mostly looking for a decision in the amanda gutweiler hypes case. we arent sure but seems like there are opinions waiting in her case before both courts. scrolling down through the writ applications denied section the name glynda prestridge caught our eye because anytime you see the name (glynda or larry wayne prestridge) you should further investigate because something funny going on. heres why:

    the prestridge family own a company at alexandria, louisiana called air conditioning- appliance corporation or as its commonly known as aca corp. website.

    a few years ago the son larry ray prestridge shot and killed a man named darryl gates at a rural area of rapides parish in the philadelphia community called morris sasser road [map] [satellite] this received scant attention in the local press. naturally, the prestridges hire local super lawyer j michael small to represent their scion.

    due to the incompetence or collusion (pick one) of the local sheriff department and district attorney, ninth judicial district judge george metoyer ruled that there wasnt enough evidence to sustain the charges and dismissed them. larry ray prestridge walked out of court that day a free man getting away with murder.

    if you view the aca website today you will see him standing there in the middle with a smile.

    a little while later his mother glynda prestridge opens an account at a local bank - the bank of jena, libuse, branch with a deposit of at least $61,000 [48,332 eur] which she claims is the proceeds of a loan her son larry ray was paying back (probably the money she loaned him for mike small's legal fees.) according to mrs. prestridge she claims that she never bothered to check her bank statements until some months later only to discover that her daughter in law (larry ray's wife) had been forging checks and had withdrawn around $60,800 [48,170 eur].

    so glenda prestridge decides to sue the bank to get her money back despite by her own admission she never bothered to check her bank statements till months later and that the bank faithfully mailed her the statements on time like they were supposed to.

    local attorney aaron siebeneicher must have felt like a fool bringing on such a ridiculous argument before the court fortunately for siebeneicher the judge in the case was none other than... george metoyer!

    the prestridges have a long history of conduct like this. some years back larry wayne prestridge together with a fellow named jack hodnett and their um lady friend nola mcfalls swindled a lowly school teacher named billy hooper out of his life savings in a company called ptq enterprises, inc. hooper discovered that mr. hodnett and mrs. mcfalls were embezzling money from the company and despite owning thirty percent of the companys stock was promptly "fired" from the company. hooper had a heart attack and died and these three criminals are still ripping off his poor widow.

    larry wayne prestride is also a deacon in a local southern baptist church philadelphia baptist church in the philadelphia community. the church body as well as the community as a whole know that he is a criminal yet they still reelect him to the deaconship. we guess this church is full of what jesus referred to as "vipers"

    oh and the law firm that assists in the ptq swindle why none other than charlie weems and the so called gold law firm.

    Support a criminal, and you support crime
    When you buy tables from a carpenter who lies or cheats, you are denying money to a carpenter who is honest. Eventually the honest carpenters will be driven to bankruptcy, and all that will remain are the dishonest and incompetent carpenters. ~ eric hufschmid
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    2006 first west nile death

    COVINGTON, La. Gloria Barber has apparently become the first person in Louisiana to die of West Nile encephalitis this year, although state still has not confirmed she had the disease.

    The 74-year-old woman was admitted to Lakeview Regional Medical Center near Mandeville on June 30th. Her son, Craig Simon says that although hospital doctors diagnosed the mosquito-borne virus within a week, state health officials have not acknowledged the case three weeks later.

    Simon says the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided positive test results to Lakeview's doctors, but the Department of Health and Hospitals required additional testing by the state epidemiologist.

    Mark Lombard, chief investigator for the St. Tammany Parish coroner's office, says that Barber's cause of death was complications from West Nile virus. He confirmed she was diagnosed at Lakeview, and that the state health department had been notified.

    Lakeview officials declined to comment on the case, and referred questions to the state. A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Hospitals says that the agency has not recorded any deaths from West Nile this year.

    see also woman dies of west nile - from the new orleans times picayune
    see www.west-nile-virus-prevention.com for more west nile virus information
    center for disease control west nile virus homepage


    23 July 2006

    illegal immigrant games

    heres an interesting story we just came across via drudge. whatever the judge did in this case isnt what interests us, our interest lies in this statement:

    "Experts said that Fink as a state judge had no authority to order an arrest for violation of a federal immigration law."
    we dont know who these so called 'experts' are but we think they are wrong. admittedly we dont know for sure if being in the country illegally is a felony or not but we do know that there is a federal law that makes it a crime for not reporting a felony. even if being in the country unlawfully isnt a felony it doesnt make any sense, to us at least, that a court of law no less, doesnt have any jurisdiction when it becomes aware that a crime has or is being committed.

    Judge Who Told Illegal Immigrant To Leave Court Is Dismissed

    POSTED: 8:15 am PDT July 22, 2006
    UPDATED: 8:21 am PDT July 22, 2006

    LOS ANGELES -- A judge who threatened deportation to Mexico for an illegal immigrant seeking a restraining order against her husband has been dropped from the roster of part-time judges used by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

    Judge Pro Tem Bruce R. Fink, a family law attorney from Orange, was removed from the list of about 1,200 attorneys who are used as substitute judges for the county, court spokesman Allan Parachini said Friday.

    "A lot of people run from controversy," Fink said. "It doesn't bother me. Remember, I was doing this as a volunteer."

    During the July 14 hearing in Pomona, Fink asked Aurora Gonzalez if she was an illegal immigrant.

    Gonzalez, who accused her husband of verbal abuse and threatening to report her to immigration authorities, acknowledged being in the country illegally.

    "I hate the immigration laws that we have, but I think the bailiff could take you to the immigration services and send you to Mexico," the judge responded, according to a court transcript. "Is that what you guys want?"

    Fink later warned Gonzalez that he was going to count to 20 and expected her to disappear by the time he was finished.

    "One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. When I get to 20, she gets arrested and goes to Mexico," Fink said, according to the transcript.

    Gonzalez left the courtroom and Fink dismissed the case.

    She moved into a domestic violence shelter last month, and could not be reached for comment.

    Gonzalez has since resubmitted her request for a restraining order and had it granted, Parachini said.

    Experts said that Fink as a state judge had no authority to order an arrest for violation of a federal immigration law.

    "I did not want this woman deported," Fink said. "Now I understand that the court does not get involved in immigration status as long as it is not thrust upon it."


    phishing santa barbara bank & trust

    we received this phishing email yesterday and it concerns us a lot because the true url is different from what we are used to seeing. hmm how can we explain this. you see in the email the link the criminals are portraying to be the url to santa barbara bank and trust company? the long blue url: http://www.sbbt.com/wealth_management/trust_online_signup.jsp

    when you hover your mouse over this url and look down in your status bar you will see the true url: http://3584400795:81/~wba/login.aspx now this url is very disturbing to us because its just a long number and when we enter that url into our trace-route program in order to find out who hosts that website it comes up blank. in other words (at least to us) its untraceable.

    one clue as to who is behind this phishing email - you see at the top of the email it says "Account Security Measures ! - Cyrillic (Windows)" cyrillic is russian so perhaps the russian mafiya is behind this phish attack.

    click pictures to enlarge
    status bar close up:
    so anyway, the point is to always, always, always before you click on a link make it a habit to look down in the status bar and make sure that you trust the url. even if you are on a website that you trust you never know, hackers might have hacked into that site and changed around the hyperlinks. even with all the criminal element trolling around online the internet is still relatively safe as long as you stay alert and pay attention to detail.
    for more information click the link to go to antiphishing.org the Anti-Phishing Working Group


    21 July 2006

    how to spend a gazilllion dollars in 90 minutes or less

    .mp3 here
    the louisiana state bond commission met yesterday. the meeting started a few minutes past 10 am cdt and adjourned at 11:24 am cdt. we are still so naive about louisiana state government. we could have recorded the entire meeting but we actually thought that the meeting would last all day and into the evening judging from the massive agenda the commission had to act on. the entire meeting was nothing but a rubber stamp for some mysterious staff because the guy sitting at the table (jerry luke leblanc?) would say words to the effect of "staff has already approved this" who elected this staff?

    our very own cenla state rep charlie dewitt together with south louisiana's john alario providing most of the motions with little or no discussion. for instance charlie dewitt would motion to accept this or that agenda item and john alario would second or vice versa.

    in fact the bond commission spent most of their time bemoaning the fact that there arent any (or enough) workers or contractors hmm wonder why. john hill covered this somewhat in his piece via the dead pelican in todays shreveport times see Lack of contractors, workers a problem in storm recovery.

    anyway we began recording at agenda item:

    93. 06-42 - Louisiana Community Development Authority (Duplessis Automotive Groupe,Inc. Project) - Not to exceed $15,000,000 Revenue Bonds, bearing interest at a fixed rate or rates not to exceed 8% and/or variable rate or rates not to exceed 14%, to mature not later than 25 years, acquisition and construction of a new automotive dealership facility to be located in the Parish of Ascension, expanding an existing automotive dealership facility located in the Parish of East Baton Rouge, funding a reserve fund, and funding a capitalized interest fund.
    and continued recording until the meeting was adjourned. listen to the meeting if you dare.
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