09 July 2006

Cutting The Budget, Kennedy Puts Pressure on Blanco

we dont have a clue what the governors "strategery" is here in trying to shift some of the blame to louisiana state treasurer john kennedy in cutting some of the pork barrel spending from the state budget. the governor sure hasnt had any problems in the past in hooking up her pals with juicy legislation designed to line their pocketbooks. such as the mandatory ethanol bill which will be a boon to the shaw group - according to commissioner of agriculture bob odom see here. it even came out before she signed it that state senator joe mcpherson owns an interest in a company called rapides ethanol partners. didnt phase the governor in the least.

the governor hasnt had any second thoughts in hooking up the infamous reservoir thugs either. so what gives? while its way too early to make up our minds on who we will support for governor next year we really like state treasurer john kennedy. his less is more philosophy is refreshing and we also admire his willingness to take on the governors challenge and issue a statement on what he thinks she should (line item) veto from the state budget.

we are always willing to listen to alternative views which brings us to the subject of this post. chris williams has written a post over on his blog and he brings up some interesting points.
"I am not saying that every project is important, but how will Governor Blanco justify not funding certain projects while similar projects receive funds. How will she explain to the City of Amite that she vetoed the $25,000.00 that was placed in the budget for them, but was able to give the City of Bogalusa $25,000.00? The legislature approved the budget and now Kennedy is speaking out against it as if it is Blanco’s fault. If Kennedy is so worried about the budget, why did he..."
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**updated** 7:03 pm cdt monday 10 july 2006 chris williams has written a piece captioned: I Support Governor Blanco click here to read why.
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