15 July 2006

government heroin: taxes

we recently received this email from our friends at community preservation alliance and kudos to them in all their hard work in keeping track of this state sponsored shell game. this also dovetails into a good post by c b forgotston regarding an attempted shenanigan by louisiana state senator noble ellington of winnsboro. click here to read about that.
Louisiana's addiction, our Tax Money
In Louisiana, money continues to flow like water for wasteful projects. Louisiana’s 27 Billion dollar budget is the biggest in history with Gov. Blanco and Legislators like kids in a candy store with our Tax Money burning holes in their pockets.

Louisiana's Government has become like a drug addict wanting more and more money to spend on foolish wasteful pork-barrel projects. We are currently the tenth highest taxed state in the U.S.

What is your tax money being spent on? Louisiana’s current priorities are Reservoirs, Golf Courses, State owned Hotels, Arts Centers, Equine Centers, Goat shows, Lawn mower races, and State Parks.

House Bills 1 and 2 are also littered with unknown corporations consisting of Politician’s family and friends, special interest groups, and pet projects receiving millions of dollars.

The Louisiana Bond Commission meets July 20, 2006 . Items on the agenda are $811,035,000 dollars as priority 1, and $4,000,000 dollars as priority 2 Cash Lines of Credit. The Non-Cash Lines of Credit - Priority 5 are $226,820,000 dollars.

The Agenda is available on the State Bond Commission website click here.

Consideration of Resolution No. 1 "Creating and establishing an issue of $500,000,000 principal amount of General Obligation Bonds Series 2006-A.

Morehouse Parish Equine Center receives $ 2,000,000 for Planning and Construction as Supplemental Funding.

$60,000,000 for acquiring, constructing, renovating and equipping a State-of-the-art film studio and media center for Celtic Management Corporation.

$15,000,000 for acquisition and construction of a new automotive dealership facility for Duplessis Automotive Group, Inc. in Ascension Parish, and expanding an existing automotive dealership in East Baton Rouge Parish.

$50,000,000 for Bluebonnet Hotel Ventures LLC for acquiring, constructing, installing and equipping a 13 floor, 300 key, full service, four-star hotel in Baton Rouge.

Turkey Creek Lake in Franklin Parish receives $ 1,115,000, Lake D'Arbonne in Lincoln-Union $ 500,000, and Black River Lake Commission in Concordia Parish receives $ 1,000,000.

Self-serving Political profiteer, Rep. Francis Thompson’s Poverty Point Reservoir receives 3.5 million dollars, and his buddy Sen. Ben Nevers' Washington Parish Reservoir Commission receives $ 2,625,000 of their 4.8 million 2006-07 budget.

Rep. Thompson’s brother, Michael Thompson is Reservoir consultant receiving $100,000 a year per lake on 7 of the Reservoirs receiving our tax money. Thompson's other Reservoirs receiving money are Allen Parish Reservoir $ 800,000, Bayou Dechene Reservoir in Caldwell Parish $ 1,415,000, Castor Creek - Little River Reservoir in LaSalle Parish $ 100,000, and Ouachita Water Supply Reservoir $ 400,000.

Politics as usual in Louisiana with our D.O.T.D tax money intended for roads, bridges, and infrastructure wasted on Reservoirs, Golf Courses, and Politicians brothers.

James Moore

Community Preservation Alliance