20 July 2006

state bond commission gives preliminary approval for lsua housing

agenda item 113 .mp3 here

student housing project not exceeding 12.5 million dollar revenue bonds for the financing of a new resident facility at louisiana state university at alexandria. due to the security being pledged for the bond the issue will constitute net state tax supported debt. in addition a form of a cooperative endeavor that has to be approved by the division of administration and the joint legislative committee on the budget will be necessary for final approval.

113. 06-61 - Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LSU at Alexandria Housing Project) - (Preliminary) Not exceeding $12,500,000 Revenue Bonds, to finance the planning, design, construction, furnishing and equipping of residence facilities for use by LSU at Alexandria, including all equipment, furnishings, fixtures and facilities incidental or necessary in connection therewith.
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