20 July 2006

the tiffany's of pawn shops

**updated** 2:47 pm cdt friday 21 july 2006 jimmie deramus responds on cenlamar

jimmie deramus said...

Well I have just returned to town and I see that there are a lot of people interested in my business. I ususally ignore people who are uninformed and don't know what they are talking about, but then people tend to think it's true.

It appears that there are 2 areas of interest. One being the rezoning of my property at 1207 Horseshoe Drive
The second being “The Pawn Shop," which has no relevance to this discussion. How REZONING turned into a PAWNSHOP debate, I don’t know... click here to read more. or here.
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todays 'what are they thinking' file comes via alexandria blogging pal lamar white, jr., it seems that local pawnbroker magnate jimmy deramus has purchased an old home on horseshoe drive and wants to erect a 9,000 square foot pawn shop/nail salon there. this should be quite an interesting story to follow because the location of this proposed bizness is right near the landmark subdivision which is one of alexandria's most exclusive communities. below is a picture example of the kind of homes you will see in landmark subdivision:

this is so indicitive of the thinking around alexandria and rapides parish as a whole. never mind that like cenlamar says "Horeshoe Drive is one of Alexandria's most beautiful streets" so many people in the business community here either have some sort of disconnect about what is appropriate or just dont give a damn about such important things as aesthetics. we've always said that alexandria/rapides parish has some sort of deficiency when it comes to creativity and innovation. no city in louisiana has more potential than alexandria. the few people that all the politicial and economic power is centralized in have like we said no imagination or creativity because they are greedy. they dont care about the future they only want what they can get right here and right now.

stay tuned to cenlamar for all the latest.