12 July 2006

lynn rollins & ksyl's talk back 970 show slam moon griffon

.mp3 here

says griffons' 'schtick' "very shallow and ill researched"

this happened yesterday (monday 11 july 2006) during ksyl's talkback live program and we had to wait until they posted the show's .mp3 because we werent recording at the time.

anyway, a caller phoned in to say that all anyone needed to do to find out what was going on in this state was to listen to the moon griffon show because the town talk doesnt really cover anything. (which is true by the way) lynn rollins replied that he couldnt "salute that" and that griffon isnt an idealist and is just an entertainer and "this is the way [griffon] makes his living."

yes moon is annoying when hes always referring to faux news as the definitive news source, yes moon is annoying when hes playing up george w. bush, the bush crime family, the fake war on terror and the illegal and immoral iraq war.

moon is also irritating when he gives what amounts to hours of free air time to goofs like rodney alexander and piyush "bobby" jindal. yes yes a lot of you think that piyush jindal (who chose the cutsey kennedyesque name of "bobby") is going to bring home the bacon as far as louisiana's fair share in the offshore oil royalties - thats not gonna happen. do you really think for a minute that evil incarnate vp dick cheney and his halliburton, kellogg brown & root and the other defense contractor gang are going to give up all those billions of dollars? whats going on there is that the big boys in washington are merely allowing jindal some favorable publicity going into next years governor's race. ol piyush is being groomed for a national office probably vice president in 2008 provided he wins the governors race next year. we warn you that a vote for jindal as well as rodney alexander, charlie melancon, jim mccrey, richard baker, charles boustany, david vitter and mary landrieu is a vote against your, your children and your children's children best interest. they all voted for the usa patriot act hence they are all traitors to the constitution and the bill of rights. they are for an unfetterted read dictatorial executive, cradle to grave total survelliance police state a hell on earth that will turn us all into slaves to the state. so yeah moon griffon doesnt know a damn thing when it comes to national politics.

however, as far as louisiana state politics goes and yes moon gets some things wrong but speaking as people that have since katrina and rita have been intently watching the legislature (did you that you can go on the legislative website and view the committee meetings and the house and senate in session live by video?) we know for a fact that our louisiana legislators are a bunch of crooks, halfwits, nitwits and buffons. the whole lot of them should be taken out and horse whipped then tarred and feathered. so the point is that moon gets people to think. this is worthwhile.

so while moon from time to time irritates us we just ignore him at those times. actually he shouldnt even comment on national politics.
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