09 July 2006

is matt drudge's breitbart.com news source evil?

we go on matt drudge's website several times thoughout the day. all in all its a great site for catching up on the latest news and he receives on average over 12 million hits a day. so anyway, today we went on drudge and he is running a headline about the world cup
where it says "france: 1 italy: 1" thats a hyperlink to the story from the breitbart.com news website. we've noticed over the past year or so that drudge has come to rely on breitbart for most of his stories. oh sure he still links to associated press stories and the like but if you follow his website you cant help but notice how breitbart gets the majority of drudge's business. heres the who is look up for breitbart.com:
we have written about the website true.com before and their soft core porn imagery see myspace is evil linked below. imagine our surprise when we clicked over from drudge to the breitbart story and lo and behold theres a true.com "advertisement" and we use that term loosely. so now we have to wonder if we are going to have to send the children out of the room just to view a news story linked from drudge or whoever?

we sent in a feedback protesting true.com's presence and if we hear back from them we will post it here.

advertisement and news story in question:
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