15 July 2006


according to the jews against zionism website zionism is defined as:

"...a movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 whose goal is the return of Jews to Eretz Yisrael, or Zion, the Jewish synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.

The name of "Zionism" comes from the hill Zion, the hill on which the Temple of Jerusalem was situated. Supporters of this movement are called "Zionists".

The purpose of this website is to explain why traditional Jews do not support Zionism (the return to the land called "Israel") and why the Zionist idealogy is totally contrary to traditional Jewish law and beliefs and the teachings of the Holy Torah."
additionally they add
"Far from being the saviors of the Jewish People, the Zionists are the true self-hating Jews who have had nothing but contempt and outright hatred for the Jewish People and Judaism. Anti-Semitism has been the oxygen and lifeblood of the Zionists throughout the ages to the present day.

By contrast, we anti-Zionist Jews having been doing all we can to reduce hatred of Jews by proclaiming the true nature of the Jewish religion in contrast to the heresy and idolatry of Zionism. We hope this will help Jews awaken from the brainwashing of the Zionists."
yes, yes we know thinking is hard work. its so much easier to let george bush, faux news, john hagee, pat robertson, hal lindsey, jerry falwell or as a friend of ours calls him jerry fartwell and many others do all our thinking for us.

these so called "christian zionists" are responsible by and large for the selling out of america. what the christian zionists are doing is bringing this ridiculous idea that god wants us to kill muslims in order to protect jesus birthplace. what they are doing is violating their own beliefs. they have completely duped the christians.

according to the great commission christians are supposed to be going out into the world bringing the good news of jesus christ to the nations. one has to wonder just how that can now be accomplished with respect to the muslims? (and a lot other unbelivers watching from the sidelines) jesus himself said that the two greatest commandments are to love your neighbor as you love yourself and to love god with all our heart and soul. it also says in the bible that if you truly love, believe in and follow god then you will do what he says and keep his commandments.

so no we here at wst do not support the zionist government of israel or the crazy christian zionists here in america and around the world that spout their propaganda and enable them to do what they are doing to their own brothers - lest anyone forget the arabs and the jews are half brothers since they have the same father abraham. its not godly its not biblical and its not christian. anyone with just a cursory knowledge of christian beliefs and two brain cells can see that its not right to be killing innocent civilians like what is going on in the middle east right now. you blashpheme god when you agree with it and shame yourself when you say that such activity is ordained by or blessed by god.

read the bible for yourself make your own decisions we dont know what ulterior motives these "preacherticians" have. for example did you know that john hagee was married once before? he began an affair with the woman who he is married to now and left his first wife for her. who knows what else he has done. its very likely that he is being blackmailed into supporting the zionists. the rest of these "preacherticians" are hardly credible either. all they are about is selling books, making money and accumulating political power.

oh but you say what about that part in the bible where god says "i will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you?" yes this is true but first the jews must be doing gods will. suppose for a minute that you have a jewish friend that murders someone and you provide him aid and comfort so that he gets away with his crime, do you really honestly think that god is going to bless you for this? no of course not. see this is what we mean by thinking being such hard work.

this guy echo's our own thoughts:
I do not hate the Zionists. Rather, I am astounded by the pathetic mental qualities of the majority of American and European goyim. Very few goyim can think properly. All they do is entertain themselves. A few times I even wondered, "How am I related to these idiot goys? Or am I actually a Jew, and I was mixed up at the hospital by the stupid, goy nurses?" - eric hufschmid
Anti-Zionist Jewish Protestors

we here at wst support the orthodox god fearing jews and we pray for peace in jerusalem.