13 July 2006

bear cub video

video here

american black bear from wikipedia

we seem to be on a nature posting binge lately. this is survellience camera video obtained by alexandria, la.kalb-tv from the lasalle parish courthouse. note: we dont have a clue what kinda bear this is in the video we just chose american black bear from wikipedia. if you know what kinda bear cub this is please leave a comment or email thanks.
kalb snip:
A bear cub paid a visit Saturday morning about 8:30 to the LaSalle Parish Court House in Jena.

If you watch carefully, you will see the surveillance camera catch the curious cub as he peeks into the large lobby and apparently spies someone.

That sends him back to the woods, and he scurries away.

Keep watching, and you’ll see a deputy approach walk briskly to the front doors, after someone yelled to her, “Hey, you have a bear lookin’ at you!”

Deputies do not know where he came from, and he has not been seen since.

Wildlife experts do not want bears to traipse around people, for it can embolden them so that the bear has to be put down.

Thanks to LaSalle Chief Civil Deputy Orlan Davidson for providing News Channel Five and our viewers with this unusual video.
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