27 July 2006

America – Land of Lies and Strong Delusion!

we're always so happy when david j meyer publishes his monthly last trumpet newsletter and we just noticed that he has published his august newsletter a few days early. meyer is a former witch and satanist heres some excerpts click the link to read the whole thing.

Special Note: The Gay Pride Parade has won Israeli high court approval to be held in Jerusalem on August 10th, 2006. This will fill Jerusalem with the spirits of Sodom, and the sodomites plan to occupy the Temple Mount as well. The leaders of Islam have vowed to fight the Israeli State to the death to prevent this desecration! This is the reason for the war that you will not hear on the news. See Revelation 11:8.

In this issue of the Last Trumpet, we will once again examine the astounding events that are now shaking our world, and we will do so using the light of God’s Word to bring us to a clear understanding of the shocking reality of the urgency that is now pressing upon us. There has never been a time such as this when all the final prophecies of the Scripture are converging to complete fulfillment so quickly and with such precision. One would have to be spiritually blind to not understand that something is terribly wrong with our nation and the entire world. Sadly, it is a fact that the vast majority of the people in this world are walking in spiritually blindness, including the denominations of so-called “Christianity.” Like the men of Sodom, who were blinded by the angels because of their unbridled lust and experienced the fiery wrath of God without the ability to see it, so are the vast populations of the nations at this time. They are blind to the judgment that is about to decisively destroy them and catapult them into the depths of a sinner’s eternal damnation.

We are now seeing a large-scale war between elements in Lebanon and the Israeli State. The forces of Hezbollah are firing an average of one rocket per minute at Israeli cities, and this massive fire power has amazed the United States and the Israelis. We are now at a time when full-scale global war could break out at any moment.

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We have also discovered that there is a massive swastika-shaped building at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California. This swastika shape is clearly visible from the air, and when facing true north, the swastika is tilted exactly as the Gestapo wore them on their uniforms. This building is known as “the seals lair.” (17) They said it couldn’t happen in America, but this is no longer the America we were born in!

There are many examples of the symbols and number of the beast in advertising. Another example is a product called head on, which is supposed to eliminate headaches by rubbing a stick-like device on the forehead. The woman doing the commercial is shown rubbing the stick on her forehead and saying, “Head on: apply directly to the forehead.” She says these words three times. The words head on contain six letters, which is a 666 on the forehead.

The United States is now in a much weaker condition than people can imagine. Recently, President Bush announced that he was sending 2,500 National Guard troops to guard our southern border. When it came to doing it, he could only come up with 483 troops. (25) Much of our National Guard is being used as an International Guard and is spread out so thin around the world that there is hardly anyone to protect the homeland.

This problem also revealed itself recently when the crime rate in New Orleans became so high that Governor Kathleen Blanco ordered three hundred National Guard troops to enforce the law in New Orleans and could only come up with one hundred and had to promise to send two hundred more later. (26)

It is a sad fact that the crime rate has increased so much in all of our major cities that law enforcement agencies cannot handle the problem, and the situation is out of control. Our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., has such a problem with violent crime that the city has declared a crime emergency! Armed robbery, rapes, and murders are committed right on the National Mall! (27) With fuel prices gone wild, our nation is feeling the effect of a distressed economy all the more, and crime will continue because of it. Recently, BBC News reported that a war with Iran would triple the now outrageous fuel prices in the United States. (28)

A Bewitched and Demoralized Nation!

Why has so much evil befallen this erstwhile great nation? Should we wonder about that when we consider the gross evil and heavy appetites for iniquity by a demonized and illumiized population who remain under the influence of witchcraft? The Bible has much to say in condemning witchcraft, and Galatians 5:20 lists it as a work of the flesh The 21st verse tells us that “….they which do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.”

On June 30th, 2006, ABC News released a story about a new witch school that has opened in Hoopeston, Illinois. The CEO and director of the witch school is Ed Hubbard, who had this to say about his school: “The school is dedicated to educating the public in Wicca…the school has roughly 120,000 active students who enroll in internet courses and 30 to 50 more are added each day…..In 1990, only 8,000 people in the United States openly claimed Wicca as their religion, that number was increased to 134,000 in 2001.” (30)

It is a sad fact that witchcraft is almost everywhere, and it brings a great curse with it. The vast array of disasters that are now afflicting our nation is just the beginning of what is to come, and only a true repentance can change things. I do not see that happening at this time. I must also mention at this point that August 1st of every year is a high cross-quarter sabat of witchcraft known as Lughnasaid (pronounced loo-na-sa) and is the celebration of the harvest of not only produce from the earth, but also of souls. Witches look at the year as a circle, and they divide the circle first into four parts or quarters and then into four more parts or cross-quarters making eight divisions that are marked as sabats. Witchcraft designs and terminology are built into our calendar and our daily vocabulary. Even the word cereal, so often eaten at breakfast, is taken from the name of the pagan goddess Ceres, also known as Demeter by the Greeks. Ceres was worshipped as the goddess of grain, especially on her day of Cerealia or April 19th. The goddess was also honored, however, at the harvest time of Lughnasaid.

In Britain, six new coins with images of Harry Potter have been minted, and the 1-crown coins are legal tender on the Isle of Man, which is largely populated by witches. (31)

Witchcraft has a demoralizing effect, and this is clearly visible in our strange, present society. Recent studies have shown that thirty-six percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. Witches have set the trend for this, but Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos. It is also true that many witches make their money as prostitutes. Sexual sins are plaguing our nation as never before, because it is a spiritual problem. During the time of the witches’ sabat of Midsummer, or the third week of June, Los Angeles, California, hosted an erotica convention, which drew 50,000 participants who attended a series of sex seminars where they were taught techniques in perversion, and many were prepared to audition for forthcoming porno movies. (32)

In Germany, there are heavy elements of witchcraft, and during the year 2002, Germany legalized prostitution. There are now 400,000 working prostitutes in Germany, and they reportedly were all kept busy by the soccer fans that gathered there for the World Cup competition. Prostitution in Germany is a multi-billion dollar industry. (33)

In Houston, Texas, a new billboard advertising Budweiser beer is attracting much attention. The massive billboards have a picture of Jesus in the center holding a can of Budweiser beer in front of his face. In large print, the left side of the billboard says “King of Jews” and the right side says “King of Beers.” (34) Florida has another serious problem. Sexually transmitted diseases are wildly epidemic in the retirement villages of senior citizens, and doctors are shocked by it. One gynecologist said that she has treated more cases of genital herpes and papilloma in retirement villages than in downtown Miami. Doctors have also noted a heavy use of Viagra in these retirement centers, and people in their 80’s are among the diseased. (35)

Why has our country become so corrupt and such a shame and disgrace to common decency? It is because organized religion in America is demonized, and false prophets and teachers are everywhere. Here let it be noted that the infamous Rick Warren and his so-called “purpose-driven” ministry have become popular with the North Korean Communist government. The multi-millionaire Warren has recently been invited to North Korea to speak to 15,000 people. Ingrid Schlueter of VCY America Radio Network said it very well regarding this Rick Warren event with the following words: “Warren won’t call the communist faithful to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ because he preaches a man-centered, counterfeit gospel. Not for a moment do these leaders worry that they will have a Christian revival on their hands by letting Mr. Warren speak. Rick Warren is loved and feted because his message is absent the cross and Christ’s call to die. That’s why he is popular and politically useful.” (36)
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