31 May 2009

city of monroe la hires a nigerian to collect taxes; fraud ensues

UPDATE: 21 march 2011 onyemechara pleads guilty
UPDATE 24 november 2010: onyemechara trial delayed four mMonths

anyone from nigeria, who wants to be work around or with money should be regarded with suspicion.
patrick onyemechara, a native nigerian and tax collector for the city of monroe was arrested thursday on 11 counts of felony theft and malfeasance in office in a taxpayer fraud scheme that could involve hundreds of thousands of dollars.

onyemechara exploited a flaw in the city's finance system. see monroe free press city tax collector jailed in tax scheme click here to download article in a two page .pdf [29 kb]
====heres an example of a recent nigerian 419 spam that we just received.
according to the email header, this spam originated from
ip # which is located in lagos, nigeria.


29 May 2009

rachel alexandra out of the 141st running of the belmont stakes; calvin borel back on mine that bird

NEW YORK (AP) - And on Belmont Stakes day, the filly will rest.

The latest episode of "How The Triple Crown Turns" resolved some major issues with the announcement that leading lady Rachel Alexandra will not run in the Belmont next Saturday.
In the Triple Crown's final installment, it is this: Leading man Calvin Borel will get back on Mine The Bird with a chance to become the first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and the Belmont on different horses. ~ read more
the 141st running of the belmont stakes will take place on 06 june 2009 and will be televised by abc.


criminal jew: "die u stupid anti-zionist nigger "

heres a clever message that we received in our youtube inbox from the jew youtube user Israeli92

apparently, this confused khazar observed our account's video still taken from our vid "taser victim" and assumed that we are a "nigger" or a schwartzer.

this isnt the first youtube message like this that we've received from criminal jews, but its the first time we've bothered to post one.

what it is is a trick. this jew is hoping that we will reply with an equally profane message that he will then send to youtube in an attempt to get our account deleted.

we cant help but wonder if "israeli92" isnt related to or the same jew in this video.
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eric hufschmid
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neturei karta international: orthodox jews united against zionism
learn about the ashkenazi / khazar "jewish" imposters
jesus christ
revelation chapter two verse nine
revelation chapter three verse nine

the thirteenth tribe
by arthur koestler
facts are facts: the truth about khazars
ex-zionist benjamin h. freedman née freidman
benjamin h. freedman
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oklahoma jack booted thugs assaults emt headed for hospital

by William Grigg
The LRC Blog

Who cares about the needs of a critical care patient when there's a State Trooper's hungry ego to feed?

Emergency Medical Technician Maurice White, Jr., a paramedic with the Creek Nation EMS in Oklahoma, was shuttling a patient to the hospital when he was stopped by a State Trooper. White, intent on getting the patient the care she needed, hadn't noticed that the trooper had been behind him with lights flashing; when the trooper zoomed by, he made radio contact and snarled at White that he "should consider checking [his] rear view mirrors."

A little while later the Trooper, operating his vehicle with typical recklessness, cut off a car driven by a family member of the patient and signaled for White to pull over. Seeing a woman sitting next to the Trooper, and thinking she might need medical care, White complied -- only to find himself under assault and the subject of a spurious arrest on the way to the hospital.

Several other brown-shirted state police materialized, and White was swarmed; at one point, one of the skinheaded state stormtroopers had his hand on White's throat.

Once again, in keeping with the quasi-official media protocol, this episode was described by local ABC affiliate news as a "scuffle" or a "confrontation," rather than a criminal assault by several armed tax-feeders on a medical professional in the course of carrying out a task that actually helps people, rather than harassing or plundering them.

william n. grigg also write the pro libertate blog


28 May 2009

HB 27 guns on campus bill fails big! 18 - 86

HB 27 by representative ernest wooton, would have authorized concealed handgun permit holders to carry concealed weapons on campuses


27 May 2009

HB 146 house passes ban using a cell phone while driving

HB 146 by austin badon prohibits the use of a cellular telephone or electronic communications device while driving


ruston rino hollis downs would have opposed repeal of mandatory motorcycle helmet law

house transportation, highways and public works committee vice chairman, hollis downs after arriving late, informs the committee that he would have opposed HB 639 which seeks to repeal the mandatory motorcycle helmet law for those 21 years and older.

we cant find anything in the louisiana republican party platform to support rep. downs' position. can you?

hollis downs is just another criminal; con artist masquerading as a republican.


eric hufschmid: criminal jews are still failing to create racial fights over president obama


HCR 74 another indian casino in the making?

HCR 74 by Rep. A.B Franklin

Summary: INDIAN AFFAIRS: Recognizes the Atakapas-Ishak Tribe of Southwest Louisiana as an Indian tribe of Louisiana.


26 May 2009

vid: judge sonia sotomayor remarks on supreme court nomination

judge sotomayor speaks after president obama announces her as his nominee to the united states supreme court replacing the rhodes scholar subversive david souter.



strauss v horton .pdf

click here to download 185 page opinion [495 kb]
or california supreme court link here

supreme court of california upholds proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage in california

associated press excerpt:
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The California Supreme Court has upheld a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, but it also decided that the estimated 18,000 gay couples who tied the knot before the law took effect will stay wed. ~ read more


24 May 2009

vid: HB 841 rep. avon honey hornswoggles the louisiana state house

national headline making incident from 18 may 2009 when rep. avon honey fooled the louisiana legislature into unanimously passing a bill, without debate, without reading the legislation and without a dissenting vote, to by-pass the governor and to accept president barack obama's additional federal stimulus funds for unemployment compensation.

click here to download amendment b-136 two page .pdf [12 kb]
HB 841 from legis.state.la.us


22 May 2009

dale hoffman flies like an eagle

kalb-tv anchor dale hoffman introduces viewers to his fascinating hobby.




sts - 125 space shuttle atlantis landing postponed

UPDATE: 7:43 am cdt saturday 23 may 2009: cnn: space shuttle landing scrubbed for today.


STS-125 Entry Flight Director Norm Knight has waved off today's second landing attempt at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the final chance to land today. Weather conditions at Kennedy would not permit a safe landing. CAPCOM Greg Johnson explained to Commander Scott Altman that weather is real moist, unstable, and officially "no go" due to thunderstorms, low cloud ceilings and showers consistently popping up offshore and over land.

Tomorrow, the first landing opportunity at Kennedy Space Center is at 9:16 a.m. Edwards Air Force Base in California will be activated for consideration as well.


21 May 2009

stormy daniels forms senatorial run exploratory committee

Here you will find information pertaining to Stormy’s potential run for the US Senate, including statements, news items and video clips. And make sure to visit regularly, so as not to miss out on updates about listening tour stops and other special events.
see also
the stormy daniels label
in the footer of this post


HB 480 louisiana's the redflex 9

on 18 may 2009, the louisiana state house transportation, highways and public works committee considered representatives cedric richmond and jeff arnold's house bill no. 480 which would have banned state wide the use of redlight scameras.

let it be known and remembered that the nine above, hollis downs; barbara norton; jean doerge; samuel little; frank howard; james armes; jack montoucet; rogers pope and robert billiot as evidenced by their vote to kill HB 480, proved yet again, that the louisiana legislature is merely puppets of and does the bidding for corporate and special interests and neither considers nor acts in the best interest of the louisiana citizenry.

rep. herbert dixon: church brothers were angry with him over his HB 94 gas tax increase bill

on 20 may 2009, the house transportation, highways, & public works committee met to hear gonzales, louisiana rethuglican, eddie lambert's HB 254 a very unrepublican bill to authorize the use of automated traffic photo enforcement systems (redlight cameras) state wide.

rep. herbert dixon recounted his own experience with his very unpopular HB 94 a bill to raise the state gasoline tax and how at church one day, his church brothers at the nazarene missionary baptist church, alexandria, la., confronted him about it, using "terminology" that according to mr. dixon was "very unbecoming of a christian."

"terminology unbecoming of a christian" is subjective. for all we know in rep. dixon's mind any criticism of him is "unchristian" whether it's justified or not. we say that their standing up and speaking out against bad legislation and bad legislators is exactly what christian church members are supposed to be doing and have a duty to do and we salute them for it.

we would also ask the good members of the nazarene missionary baptist church to get on rep. dixon again and criticize him for his vote for HB 687 which will ban in school dentistry which will unnecessarily harm many, many of louisiana's poor children.

rep. dixon voted for this evil bill but will have another chance the week of 26 may 2009. this time we hope that he votes properly and votes against HB 687.

so phone up pastor john d. aaron, jr. at 318.442.9310 or 442.6404 and ask him to speak to rep. dixon and urge him to vote no to HB 687. also if you know of any members of nazarene missionary baptist church contact them too.

please see access dental louisiana @ www.accessdentalla.com the website of lafayette dentist gregory j. folse for more information about HB 687.


20 May 2009

HB 254 gonzales, la. rethug eddie lambert's statewide legalization of the australian redflex redlight scam fails in house committee 6 - 8

rep. sam jones made the motion to report HB 254 favorably

rep. billiot objects

a yes vote is to report the bill favorably and to legalize redlight scameras on state roads state wide

6 voted yes:

james armes (democrat) yes (voted to kill HB 480 which would have banned redlight scameras state wide)

jerry gisclair
(democrat) yes (voted to report HB 480 favorably)

john guinn (republican) yes
(voted to report HB 480 favorably)

sam jones
(democrat) yes (voted to report HB 480 favorably)

rogers pope
(republican) yes (voted to kill HB 480 which would have banned redlight scameras state wide)

karen st. germain
(democrat) yes
a no vote was a vote to kill HB 254

8 voted no:

elton aubert (democrat) no (voted to report HB 480 favorably)

robert billiot
(democrat) no (voted to kill HB 480 which would have banned redlight scameras state wide)

henry burns
(republican) no (voted to report HB 480 favorably)

herbert dixon
(democrat) no (voted to report HB 480 favorably)

a.b. franklin
(democrat) no (voted to report HB 480 favorably)

frank howard republican no (voted to kill HB 480 which would have banned redlight scameras state wide)

samuel little (republican) no (voted to kill HB 480 which would have banned redlight scameras state wide)

jack montoucet
(democrat) no (voted to kill HB 480 which would have banned redlight scameras state wide)



website recovers deleted twitter messages

via what really happened:
Careless Twitterers are in for a healthy dose of Web 2.0 reality with the advent of a site that shows it's not really possible to purge errant tweets, as the microblogging site might have them believe. ~ link


rep. michael jackson says that rep. avon honey's HB 841 sleight-of-hand is a part of the process

see also: gannett / the town talk: house unknowingly votes for federal stimulus override.


HB 687 louisiana rethugs war on poor childrens in school dentistry to be reconsidered week of 26 may 2009

please click here to get the contact information for your state representative and ask him/her to vote against this unnecessary and destructive bill.

and see www.accessdentalla.com for more information.

alexandria city councilman ed larvadain: not a happy house negro

we like freshman city of alexandria, la. councilman ed larvadain. he seems like he has a quick mind and a no nonsense personality.

this could all be an act though. we havent watched channel four - alexandria city council meetings for months because its just the same 'ol thing over and over again. although its not a lot unlike watching heckle and jeckle versus henery hawk.

councilman larvadain's problem though is that he is constantly running for mayor. so he's always looking for some lame issue to attempt to embarrass the present mayor with.

councilman larvadain's latest misfire is centered on the city of alexandria's fairness, equality, accessibility and teamwork program, known as afeat. gannett / town talk: councilman, mayor have war of words at meeting. click here to download two page .pdf [16 kb].

in a previous council meeting or media interview, we've seen the mayor say that the afeat program was his brain child. he thought it up and implemented it. this wasnt too bright and perhaps shows a lack of foresight in putting in a program which could be used against yourself.

in any event, to suggest that mayor roy is prejudiced against blacks or minorities is ridiculous. for instance self-admitted unethical and mentally defective local attorney and alleged "former member" of the ku klux klan, greg aymond (when he's not busy stealing gannett/town talk content and posting it to his blog to mock some black kids who have never done anything to him other than to be born black which in mr. aymonds world is the same as driving while black -- or monitoring wst...) he "writes" the central la politics blog in many, many posts has practically called mayor roy a "nigger lover," because he has "his head up the blacks ass." so that should tell you that the local white supremacists think that mayor roy is doing too much for minorities.

anyway, back to councilman lavardain .... we've noticed that the mayor and his crew are terrible tacticians. their strategery seems to be to simply go on the attack against in order to destroy anyone who opposes them.

councilman larvadain's focusing on the afeat program and implying that minority owned businesses are somehow being discriminated against is a waste of time and doesnt hold water. any minority owned business that is a legitimate, competent, business that can provide a needed product or service to the city at the lowest possible price will not be denied a city contract.

the only way that a minority business will be denied a city contract wont be because of discrimination based on race it will be because the owner or a manager or employee is a member of or allied with a rival crime gang.

if mr. larvadain wants some legitimate issues to raise and he must have a racial element involved and he is an honest, respectable councilman then he should be leading the charge to rescind the baggy pants ordinance passed by a previous council and which the mayor knowing full well was wrong didnt have the guts to veto. by the way the councilman who authored the baggy pants ordinance (and also endorsed by the mayor) was handily defeated in his reelection bid.

or councilman larvadain would be complaining about the in perpetuity sales tax that the administration and previous city council hoodwinked the public into voting on themselves, effectively making tax slaves of themselves and their children and children unborn. see a rude awakening for realtor wolf.

councilman larvadain could oppose mayor roy's commie sparc plan and how the administration and city council is exploiting some black people like lower third st. neighborhood watch captain, ms. sandra bright in order to get the hodges livestock sale barn purchase approved. they have ms. bright running around going "we's gonna get a grocery store and a drug store and a beauty parlor and a gated apartment complex in the back with a club house and a swimming pool." lady you aint getting none of that. but on the outside chance that we're wrong and you do its going to be like chris rock observed "grand opening...grand closing."

but councilman larvadain isnt going to bring up any substantiative issues because these involve money. money to burn and money to steal. in the case of the baggy pants ordinance its about control. so he will stick to the low road.

hopefully blacks and whites will see through all this and demand higher quality representation and leadership.

19 May 2009

SCR 70 to express the sincere and heartfelt condolences of the legislature of louisiana upon the death of john wyeth "jock" scott, ii

click here to download four page .pdf

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  • ====


    website seeks to fire 16th judicial district attorney phil haney

    we received some emails from this website a couple of months ago and meant to post about it but something probably came up and we forgot all about it. then tonight we received a couple more emails so we thought we better get with the program.

    someone, we dont know who and didnt ask and dont really want to know, has spent a lot of time and talent collecting lots of documents and converting them to handy .pdf files. so if you're into that sort of thing -- then this is the website for you.


    HB 687 louisiana rethugs war on poor children dental care fails to pass house...for now

    UPDATE: HB 687 to be reconsidered week of 26 may 2009

    after a long and often impassioned debate over slidell, louisiana, rethuglican kevin pearson's house bill no. 687 it failed to pass but is up for reconsideration.

    HB 687 seeks to prohibit in school based dentistry and makes absolutely no sense.

    we've uploaded the video of today's house floor debate and vote -- it runs about an hour -- and you can see for yourself.

    video added 7:32 am cdt wednesday 20 may 2009
    video direct link

    what a pathetic excuse for a legislator rep. kevin pearson is (who is misidentified in the video as rep. perry) notice how he cant even explain his bill in a way that makes sense. also notice when rep. sam jones offers his amendment how rep. pearson gets on his cell phone most likely to get instructions on how to oppose the amendment.

    rep. pearson knows that what he is doing is not right but he is a puppet.

    how in the hell did this clown get elected to the legislature? but then again, how does any of them get elected?

    on the state legislature website he lists his occupation as a "financial advisor" and if you are one of his clients you just might want to reconsider who is handling your financial affairs or you might find your own children in need of in school based dentistry.

    the vote was 51 yeas to 37 nays (someone changed their vote) but for some reason it wasnt enough to pass. there is a motion to reconsider pending.
    advocate photograph that rep. karen carter peterson
    was talking about during house floor debate - article

    its amazing to us that former rapides parish school board member herbert dixon voted for HB 687 and against poor children. as usual ball, la. rethug chris hazel could be counted on to vote exactly the opposite of what his party says that they stand for. hazel is a total joke and a fraud republican wise.

    rep. billy chandler voted no and we thank him for that. rep. chris roy, jr. was absent.
    more later - including the house committee videos for HB 687
    please see access dental louisiana @ www.accessdentalla.com the website of lafayette dentist gregory j. folse for more information.
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    new orleans awarded 2013 superbowl

    speaker of the louisiana house of representatives, jim tucker, announced at 4:02 p.m. cdt that new orleans has been selected to host the 2013 superbowl.


    state rep. chris roy, jr. 'i'am not unethical'

    state rep. chris roy, jr. insists that he isnt unethical for opposing HB 72. the "roy boyz" (chris roy, jr. and his brother city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy) ethics or lack thereof, seems to be a recurring theme throughout their elective office careers.



    loony looziana state legislator barbara norton is doing everything she can do to keep guns out of peoples hands

    state representative barbara norton, in the house administration of criminal justice committee hearing of cedric richmond's gun grabbing HB 387 reveals that she is doing everything that she can do to keep guns out of the peoples hands.

    the bill that rep. norton mentioned that the house would be considering today is HB 27 a bill by the chairman of the administration of criminal justice committee, ernest wooton.

    HB 387 was involuntarily deferred by a by a vote of 10 - 2..

    18 May 2009

    HB 841 lazy, incompetent, corrupt loony looziana legislature gets hornswoggled by one of their own

    UPDATE: rep. michael jackson says that rep. avon honey's HB 841 sleight-of-hand is a part of the process


    state representative avon honey makes a fool out of his colleagues!
    rep. honey is a "professional educator" looks like the the state house just got edjumikated

    UPDATE 8:18 am cdt tuesday 19 may 2009 forgotston published his post to his website here.
    wst... note: this is an email just sent out by c.b. forgotston. it's not on his website www.forgotston.com yet; so until then we are reproducing it in full:
    Leges are an embarrassment!

    The leges continue to whine about how hard they work and how underpaid they are. Yet, once again, they show that they are not worth the money currently being paid to them.

    This evening members of the House voted, without debate and without a dissenting vote, to by-pass the governor and to accept the additional Federal Stimulus Funds for Unemployment Compensation.

    Regardless of how anyone feels about the issue, the people's business should not be done in such a way. See story here.

    Unfortunately, this is not an isolated or an uncommon situation. This is typical of this new "reform" lege.

    Every member of the House of Representatives should be embarrassed by the way this was done. However, in order to be embarrassed one must have some type of "moral compass." Obviously, they don't or they all would apologize to the people of Louisiana.

    The leges may not be embarrassed, but they are an embarrassment to our state.

    view original

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  • ====


    HB 480 redlight scamera ban bill: a first hand account of the house committee hearing

    valiant lafayetter and australian redflex scamera foe joel henderson's testimony before the louisiana house of representatives committee on transportation, highways and public works, monday 18 may 2009.

    HB 480 First-hand account of the committee meeting today

    Jack Montoucet was firmly against these cameras. He told me point blank at a Clyde Holloway function recently that he was opposed to these cameras and would firmly vote against them given the chance. He point blank told me that night that it was a money making scam and everyone knew it. He got a ticket and was furious about it. He was more than 100% opposed to these cameras and let everyone know it. At least that was his position that night.

    Then all of a sudden – he had a change of heart (over this past weekend I suppose). He’s re-thought his ticket experience and realized it’s changed his driving behavior . He is now for the cameras. And today he provided Redflex with a the much needed vote to kill HB 480. Having the swing vote is a very valuable thing.

    So after the vote when people started to leave, I went up to Jack and asked him a simple question……..what did they give you for you to change your mind? He freaked – he started screaming at me in the committee room. And pointing his finger at me. Don’t you ever accuse me of……blah blah blah. I simply responded. Jack. It was just a simple question. Just what did you get?

    Also, after the committee hearing Charlie Buckels ran up to me and started doing something really weird with his lips. Sort of a smooch noise. I guess he was saying “kiss my ass”. That’s the only thing I can think. Then he sarcastically asked how my little state court case was going. So I immediately asked him how many checks has he’s been writing out of the republican party check book to get support for his company Redflex. As you may or may not know, Charlie Buckels is the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party, and recently he was the state party treasurer.

    The people were certainly out-numbered by the paid for lobbyist today. Jeff Arnold pointed out that not one person who spoke in opposition to his bill was a regular voter. That every single one of them had something to financially gain by these camera programs.

    Denice C. Skinner, Lafayette Parish Republican Party District 6

    HB 480 louisiana republican legislative redflex scamera puppets kill redlight camera ban bill

    ... republicans kill the redflex redlight scamera ban bill! ... louisiana republicans prove once again that they are indisputably the party of liars, hypocrites, thieves, con-artists, freaks, perverts and criminals ...

    proving once again that our corrupt louisiana legislature is firmly controlled by corporate and special interests and does not serve the will of or the best interests of the people the house transportation, highways, & public works committee voted 7 - 9 to kill HB 480 which would have banned the australian (and other) redlight scameras.

    on motion by representative sam jones to report HB 480 favorably to which representative barbara norton objected;

    those representatives who are puppets of australian redflex redlight scamera company are:

    9 - voting to sustain the objection and to kill HB 480:

    hollis downs (republican)

    james armes (democrat)

    robert billiot (democrat) (quite frankly his joe pesci impersonation is getting old)

    jean doerge (democrat)

    frank howard (republican)

    sam little (republican)

    jack montoucet (democrat)

    barbara norton (democrat)

    rogers pope (republican)
    7 - voting to report HB 480 favorably

    elton aubert (democrat)

    henry burns (republican)

    herbert dixon (democrat)

    a.b. franklin (democrat)

    jerry gisclair (democrat)

    john guinn (republican)

    sam jones (democrat)

    foster construction company owner dirk foster shot in levin street alexandria, la. robbery

    UPDATE: 3 arrested in connection with the levin street shooting

    UPDATED video playlist added 6:43 pm and 10:43 pm cdt monday 18 may 2009

    UPDATED: via www.kalb.com friday 22 may 2009

    APD needs your help finding a wanted man.

    Marquis Mcintyre is wanted for armed robbery and attempted first degree murder in connection with a shooting that occurred on Levin street Monday.

    The victim, 49 year old Michael Foster, says he was flagged down by a black male.

    Foster says when he rolled down his window the man reached in, stole his money clip and shot him in the shoulder.

    If you have any information concerning Marquis Mcintyre call APD.

    see gannett / town talk: link
    foster construction company main office is located in pineville, la and owns property on levin street... was traveling from one jobsite to another...

    flashback to september 2007 and "the mean streets of alexandria, louisiana"

    more later...