21 May 2009

rep. herbert dixon: church brothers were angry with him over his HB 94 gas tax increase bill

on 20 may 2009, the house transportation, highways, & public works committee met to hear gonzales, louisiana rethuglican, eddie lambert's HB 254 a very unrepublican bill to authorize the use of automated traffic photo enforcement systems (redlight cameras) state wide.

rep. herbert dixon recounted his own experience with his very unpopular HB 94 a bill to raise the state gasoline tax and how at church one day, his church brothers at the nazarene missionary baptist church, alexandria, la., confronted him about it, using "terminology" that according to mr. dixon was "very unbecoming of a christian."

"terminology unbecoming of a christian" is subjective. for all we know in rep. dixon's mind any criticism of him is "unchristian" whether it's justified or not. we say that their standing up and speaking out against bad legislation and bad legislators is exactly what christian church members are supposed to be doing and have a duty to do and we salute them for it.

we would also ask the good members of the nazarene missionary baptist church to get on rep. dixon again and criticize him for his vote for HB 687 which will ban in school dentistry which will unnecessarily harm many, many of louisiana's poor children.

rep. dixon voted for this evil bill but will have another chance the week of 26 may 2009. this time we hope that he votes properly and votes against HB 687.

so phone up pastor john d. aaron, jr. at 318.442.9310 or 442.6404 and ask him to speak to rep. dixon and urge him to vote no to HB 687. also if you know of any members of nazarene missionary baptist church contact them too.

please see access dental louisiana @ www.accessdentalla.com the website of lafayette dentist gregory j. folse for more information about HB 687.