12 May 2009

HB 137 rep john labruzzo's mandatory drug testing program for all adult participants in the temporary assistance for needy families block grant


committee video

UPDATE: 12:55 p.m. HB 137 was involuntarily deferred on a substitute motion by rep.regina barrow.

(Amends R.S. 46:460.10(A), (B), and (E); Adds R.S. 46:460.10(F))

representative labruzzo's HB 137 is scheduled to be heard today at 9:00 a.m. by the house committee on health and welfare.

while drugs testing for participants/recipients of public assistance might seem like a good idea at first -- however, since representative labruzzo is such a shady character we should be asking who really benefits from this bill?

we wonder if rep. labruzzo is really bringing this legislation on in order to drum up business for certain drug testing companies / laboratories or perhaps even himself?

according to the HB 137 fiscal note:
The requirements of this legislation is estimated to increase State General Fund Expenditures by a minimum of $709,148 for FY 2009-10 and subsequent fiscal years...

...Note: This legislation does not prohibit these individuals from receiving FITAP assistance if they test positive for drugs; therefore, no federal funds savings will be achieved through this measure.
rep. labruzzo lists his occupation as a medical equipment representative.

also, since rep. labruzzo is a republican exactly how does his legislation square with the republican philosophy of less governmental interference, more freedoms and fiscal conservatism?

is representative labruzzo really an honest, respectable person when he obviously holds the core values of the party -- whose platform he claims to subscribe to -- in such contempt?