04 May 2009

an example of shoddy news reporting

we watched the 10:00 p.m. news cast from klax because we wanted to see what their treatment was of the 03 may 2009 severe thunderstorms that were so destructive to so many areas of central louisiana. as usual, the joke was on us though because they didnt even mention the storms anywhere in their "news cast."

we did catch this bit. its something about alexandria police responding to a report of terrorizing and harassment of an alexandria law firm. but klax didnt tell us the name of the law firm or who apd is investigating. why did klax even bother to report this?

this kind of "news reporting" might have passed muster in the pre-internet days but now that any jackass with a modem can get online and have a say, its a sad joke.

blogs and bloggers get knocked by the main stream media, but no blogger would post some garbage like this.

so we guess that we will have to wait and see if one of the local blogs lets us know whats up.

it wasnt all a waste of time seeing that we learned that today pineville, la. mayor clarence fields learned how to wash his hands.

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