10 May 2009

louisiana now: jim mccrery accused of being a closet homosexual in new documentary

louisiana now blog, posts about a new documentary that "examines supposed gay politicians who live in the closet, yet support anti-gay policies." one such politician mentioned by the documentary is former louisiana congressman jim mcrery. ~ read more

this explains why lately we have seen an unusual increase in "jim mccrery + gay" googlers," to our post of 07 december 2007.

mccrery, a republican (naturally) did in at least one instance that we are aware of, support pro-homosexual federal legislation.

of course, none of louisiana's main stream media reported it. nor did la. gop chairman, roger "daffodil" villere issue any statement of condemnation.

just like in the recent case of pro-homosexual republican and quack doctor bill cassidy's as well as that flake anh cao's vote for H.R. 1913 the federal hate crimes bill a/k/a the pedophile protection act, villere and as far as we can tell the entire la. republican party "leadership" (if you can call them that) remained silent.