18 May 2009

HB 841 lazy, incompetent, corrupt loony looziana legislature gets hornswoggled by one of their own

UPDATE: rep. michael jackson says that rep. avon honey's HB 841 sleight-of-hand is a part of the process


state representative avon honey makes a fool out of his colleagues!
rep. honey is a "professional educator" looks like the the state house just got edjumikated

UPDATE 8:18 am cdt tuesday 19 may 2009 forgotston published his post to his website here.
wst... note: this is an email just sent out by c.b. forgotston. it's not on his website www.forgotston.com yet; so until then we are reproducing it in full:
Leges are an embarrassment!

The leges continue to whine about how hard they work and how underpaid they are. Yet, once again, they show that they are not worth the money currently being paid to them.

This evening members of the House voted, without debate and without a dissenting vote, to by-pass the governor and to accept the additional Federal Stimulus Funds for Unemployment Compensation.

Regardless of how anyone feels about the issue, the people's business should not be done in such a way. See story here.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated or an uncommon situation. This is typical of this new "reform" lege.

Every member of the House of Representatives should be embarrassed by the way this was done. However, in order to be embarrassed one must have some type of "moral compass." Obviously, they don't or they all would apologize to the people of Louisiana.

The leges may not be embarrassed, but they are an embarrassment to our state.

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