20 May 2009

alexandria city councilman ed larvadain: not a happy house negro

we like freshman city of alexandria, la. councilman ed larvadain. he seems like he has a quick mind and a no nonsense personality.

this could all be an act though. we havent watched channel four - alexandria city council meetings for months because its just the same 'ol thing over and over again. although its not a lot unlike watching heckle and jeckle versus henery hawk.

councilman larvadain's problem though is that he is constantly running for mayor. so he's always looking for some lame issue to attempt to embarrass the present mayor with.

councilman larvadain's latest misfire is centered on the city of alexandria's fairness, equality, accessibility and teamwork program, known as afeat. gannett / town talk: councilman, mayor have war of words at meeting. click here to download two page .pdf [16 kb].

in a previous council meeting or media interview, we've seen the mayor say that the afeat program was his brain child. he thought it up and implemented it. this wasnt too bright and perhaps shows a lack of foresight in putting in a program which could be used against yourself.

in any event, to suggest that mayor roy is prejudiced against blacks or minorities is ridiculous. for instance self-admitted unethical and mentally defective local attorney and alleged "former member" of the ku klux klan, greg aymond (when he's not busy stealing gannett/town talk content and posting it to his blog to mock some black kids who have never done anything to him other than to be born black which in mr. aymonds world is the same as driving while black -- or monitoring wst...) he "writes" the central la politics blog in many, many posts has practically called mayor roy a "nigger lover," because he has "his head up the blacks ass." so that should tell you that the local white supremacists think that mayor roy is doing too much for minorities.

anyway, back to councilman lavardain .... we've noticed that the mayor and his crew are terrible tacticians. their strategery seems to be to simply go on the attack against in order to destroy anyone who opposes them.

councilman larvadain's focusing on the afeat program and implying that minority owned businesses are somehow being discriminated against is a waste of time and doesnt hold water. any minority owned business that is a legitimate, competent, business that can provide a needed product or service to the city at the lowest possible price will not be denied a city contract.

the only way that a minority business will be denied a city contract wont be because of discrimination based on race it will be because the owner or a manager or employee is a member of or allied with a rival crime gang.

if mr. larvadain wants some legitimate issues to raise and he must have a racial element involved and he is an honest, respectable councilman then he should be leading the charge to rescind the baggy pants ordinance passed by a previous council and which the mayor knowing full well was wrong didnt have the guts to veto. by the way the councilman who authored the baggy pants ordinance (and also endorsed by the mayor) was handily defeated in his reelection bid.

or councilman larvadain would be complaining about the in perpetuity sales tax that the administration and previous city council hoodwinked the public into voting on themselves, effectively making tax slaves of themselves and their children and children unborn. see a rude awakening for realtor wolf.

councilman larvadain could oppose mayor roy's commie sparc plan and how the administration and city council is exploiting some black people like lower third st. neighborhood watch captain, ms. sandra bright in order to get the hodges livestock sale barn purchase approved. they have ms. bright running around going "we's gonna get a grocery store and a drug store and a beauty parlor and a gated apartment complex in the back with a club house and a swimming pool." lady you aint getting none of that. but on the outside chance that we're wrong and you do its going to be like chris rock observed "grand opening...grand closing."

but councilman larvadain isnt going to bring up any substantiative issues because these involve money. money to burn and money to steal. in the case of the baggy pants ordinance its about control. so he will stick to the low road.

hopefully blacks and whites will see through all this and demand higher quality representation and leadership.