18 May 2009

HB 480 louisiana republican legislative redflex scamera puppets kill redlight camera ban bill

... republicans kill the redflex redlight scamera ban bill! ... louisiana republicans prove once again that they are indisputably the party of liars, hypocrites, thieves, con-artists, freaks, perverts and criminals ...

proving once again that our corrupt louisiana legislature is firmly controlled by corporate and special interests and does not serve the will of or the best interests of the people the house transportation, highways, & public works committee voted 7 - 9 to kill HB 480 which would have banned the australian (and other) redlight scameras.

on motion by representative sam jones to report HB 480 favorably to which representative barbara norton objected;

those representatives who are puppets of australian redflex redlight scamera company are:

9 - voting to sustain the objection and to kill HB 480:

hollis downs (republican)

james armes (democrat)

robert billiot (democrat) (quite frankly his joe pesci impersonation is getting old)

jean doerge (democrat)

frank howard (republican)

sam little (republican)

jack montoucet (democrat)

barbara norton (democrat)

rogers pope (republican)
7 - voting to report HB 480 favorably

elton aubert (democrat)

henry burns (republican)

herbert dixon (democrat)

a.b. franklin (democrat)

jerry gisclair (democrat)

john guinn (republican)

sam jones (democrat)