08 May 2009

stormy daniels the contessa brewer interview

stormy daniels appeared on msnbc with contessa brewer to talk about the listening tour she held this week.

unfortunately, msnbc had to cut the interview short to join barky at some kind of swine flu news conference.

this week we've noticed that north louisiana liar and talk radio host moon griffon has been working overtime to insult ms. daniels and to sex up david vitter.

mr. griffon never does and never will discuss senator vitter's voting record or his legislation both of which neither follows republican party beliefs nor are conservative.

mr. griffon is attempting to pull the same trick like the one that he pulled in the 2007 gubernatorial campaign where he relentlessly sexed-up and promoted piyush "bobby" jindal for governor while insulting the other candidates like "bananas" foster only to -- practically from the inauguration -- insist that piyush is actually a liberal.

which of course he had to do in a desperate attempt to save face.

mr. griffon would have us believe that he was svengalied by pi -- when anyone with two working brain cells and especially someone with mr. griffon's louisiana political experience could have and should have been able to discern that piyush was then and is now one of the biggest liars and con-artists ever - just like david vitter.

who would be dumb enough to fall for mr. griffon's tricks now?

mr. griffon is a hypocrite as well as a liar and paid political whore, unlike ms. daniels who is willing to admit that she is a whore

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