13 May 2009

HB 170 a new tourist commission and a new tax for caldwell parish hotels motels and campgrounds courtesy of noble ellington

HB 170 by state representative noble ellington creates the caldwell parish tourist commission and authorizes a tax not to exceed two percent of the rent or fee charged for such occupancy upon the occupancy of hotel rooms, motel rooms, and overnight camping facilities within caldwell parish.

all these tourist and similar commissions are, are a scam that the politicians and political and other elites set up in order to have dead-head, quasi-government jobs to give their wives, girl friends, mistresses, boy friends and jobs to reward the families and friends of their supporters with.

as you can see, HB 170 passed 91 - 0. fourteen of the bums didnt even bother to vote. you will also notice in the yea column the names of many republicans. this is more proof that louisiana republicans are nothing but a pack of liars and con-artists when they say they are against taxes and are for less government, etc,.etc.

HB 170 now moves on over to the senate.