12 May 2009

HB 60 ultra liberal alexandria democrat chris roy jr votes the pro-homosexual agenda...then changes his vote!

note: representative roy changed his vote to yea! this times picayune story posted at 4:15 p.m. cdt confirms that the original vote tally was 77 - 18. [screen grab]

HB 60 is the bill to clean up the late 2008 ruling made by george w. bush, federal judge appointee, jay zainey who ordered that a california same sex couple
adoptive son's birth certificate bear the name of both "fathers."

we didnt realize that house district 25 had such a large homosexual voting bloc.

on 05 may 2009, representative perry explained his bill to the house health and welfare committee.

representative perry is followed by kyle duncan with the louisiana department of justice who explains why attorney general "buddy" caldwell supports HB 60.

besides the attorney general HB 60 is supported by louisiana state registrar/vital records and statistics, catholic bishops, the governor's office and decent people everywhere.