07 May 2009

snakes of northeastern louisiana

REPOSTED originally posted 18 april 2008

we saw a couple of huge speckled king snakes mating in our yard yesterday. then this morning the dead pelican linked to a kplc story snake season approaches so we thought it might be a good idea to repost this.

the gannett / news star link still works.

The green snake is a harmless snake often found in gardens.
the gannett/news star has a photo gallery
"snakes of northeastern louisiana"
click here or link to view all twenty photos.

this video from monroe, la. of a speckled king snake caught our eye because for at least the past 15 years we have had several snakes that look just like this one and their offspring, living in our yard. they are beautiful. too bad this video doesnt do their magnificence justice. although we have no desire to pet one much less pick one up, they really are harmless and are not aggressive at all and are beneficial. we happen across one ever so often and never once has one coiled up or acted in any way defensive like it was going to strike. in fact we usually startle each other equally and mutually do our best to get out of and go on each others way.