30 April 2007

governor blanco opens the 2007 regular legislative session

audio: .mp3 here 8.7mb length 36m34s
or www.freewebs.com/wesawthat4/ and click blanco.mp3 to stream
transcript: here via www.thedeadpelican.com

louisiana governor kathleen blanco
opens the 2007 legislative session
monday 30 april 2007, baton rouge, louisiana

raw .mp3 includes prayer and "you are my sunshine" rendition.

more later...

republican mouthpiece moon griffon plays the piyush race card

audio .mp3 here 836kb length 3m40s
or www.freewebs.com/wesawthat4 and click griffon.mp3 to stream

you have to give the republicans a lot of credit. it seems like they had a meeting somewhere and it was decided that anytime you hear the word "piyush" the utterer must be immediately attacked.

anyway, this morning louisiana talk radio host blaine "moon" griffon was crowing and um mooning about news reports that democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham-clinton has decided to drop the rodham from her campaign flyers etc. around 10:23 am cdt a caller called in to say basically whats the difference when after all piyush "bobby" jindal's name is actually piyush and not bobby. mr. griffon instead of acknowledging that indeed piyush is jindal's real name and that piyush has never legally changed his name to "bobby" hence its just a nickname, griffon, attacks his caller as a racist for dare mentioning such information.

we're no fans of hillary clinton either but hey at least rodham is a part of her legal real name. one other thing the republicans fail to mention is that just like hillary's move to new york, piyush did exactly the same thing when he moved from baton rouge to la -01.

as we have maintained and still maintain the republicans have nothing else to offer in support of piyush other than if you dont support piyush you are a racist.

dont be a sucker!

note: if the moon griffon show posts todays show in their podcast form we will have the audio clip .mp3 available.

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    more alexandria 'abandoned' car horror

    well, well, well the hits just keep on coming with alexandria, louisiana's unconstitutional and racist 'abandoned' car ordinance. meet ms. barbara compton, yet another african-american person victimized by a city government gone beserk!

    as we've said since the very beginning of this unconstitutional ordinance's passage it was written solely for and directed towards alexandria's african american citizens. we havent seen or heard of a single white person yet who under this ordinance had their car towed.

    ms. compton's car was sitting in her back yard but this didnt stop warrantless, jackbooted bureaucratic thugs from the city of alexandria from entering her property and ticketing her vehicle for being "abandoned."

    now dont be hoodwinked and think that this ordinance is some simple mistake. the mayor is an attorney, his chief operating officer is an attorney and the city attorney is for sure an attorney. they had to have known that this ordinance was illegal - no excuses. so if we apply the scientific principle called occam's razor to this situation the only plausible explanation is that they thought that they would pass this ordinance and swoop into "nigger town" and steal all these "nigger cars" before the "niggers" knew what hit 'em.

    all these cars, it dont matter if they have been sitting in someones garage or back yard for 100 years are worth something once they are chopped down and parted out. in fact the older the cars are the more scarce replacement parts are for those models still on the road thus making the 'abandoned' car parts that much more valuable.

    ms. compton said that she told the city that she had made arraignments with her own towing company to have her car removed but her towing company told her to wait until her yard dried out because its been rainy lately. kalb's john-thomas kobos didnt report who the city's towing service is in this instance but in other kalb reports its been shown that its jerry tyler towing service. now jerry tyler couldnt wait to get ms. compton's "abandoned" car they came into her yard and rutted it all up, damaged her fence. this is just legalized stealing pure and simple.

    "the rule of law is merely the rule of the bandits who have control of the law." ~ eustace mullins

    ms. barbara compton
    another african american victim of
    alexandria's 'abandoned' car ordinance
    click link for video-kalb.com
    length 1m37s
    uh huh, see that neighborhood where ms. compton lives? thats all a black neighborhood. see them railroad tracks? ms. compton lives on the wrong side.
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    originally posted friday 27 april 2007 7:14 pm cdt


    willie nelson marijuana case

    Button Square 100 x 100 pixels
    advocate photo by bryan tuck click for hi-res
    willie nelson outside the st martin parish, louisiana courthouse
    after pleading guilty to possession of marijuana
    tuesday 24 april 2007
    we're pleased as punch that willie nelson wasnt jailed for his recent incident in st. martin parish, louisiana. mr. nelson wasnt bothering anyone and he was just passing through and if the truth was known his tour bus probably shouldnt have been pulled over in the first place.

    so this post isnt to beat up on mr. nelson and his entourage. according to the advocate story (see link) the police found more than one pound (approximately 1/2 kilo) of marijuana on his bus and so he pled guilty to possession and was fined $1,024 [751 eur] and placed on six months probation. now this is all well and good but what we want to know is what about the case of steven lynn broadway?

    mr. broadway was caught in winn parish, louisiana growing one single marijuana plant, in a bucket - it was reportedly around 4 feet [1.2 meter] tall and was sentenced to a louisiana prison for seven and one-half years at hard labor. does anyone else see a discrepancy here? willie nelson had over a pound of weed, processed and smokable. mr. broadway had one single immature plant, no one even said if the plant was a male or female plant and if you took a 4' tall plant and dried the leaves (can you even smoke the leaves?) out it probably wouldnt equal even an ounce. willie nelson gets a fine and steven lynn broadway goes to prison for seven and a half years -- this is ridiculous.
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    28 April 2007

    forgotston is still getting it!

    c.b. forgotston on boasso party switch

    its nice to know that forgotston still sees it the same way...

    In a radio interview shortly after the switch, Boasso made it clear that his political philosophy had not changed in any way. He merely has changed his party affiliation.

    This is more evidence of what I have been saying for years. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republican and Democratic leges when it comes to the issues.
    click link to read more
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    edited 8:33 pm cdt saturday 28 april 2007


    video: former senator mike gravel from alaska kicks ass

    full debate transcript
    gravel, maurice robert (mike) congressional biography

    click link for video via youtube
    length 6m43s
    "brian, you're right. i made that statement but thats before i had a chance to stand in a room with them [kucinich, clinton, obama, biden, edwards, dodd, richardson] for a couple three times. its like going into the senate you know the first time you get there you're all excited, my god how did i ever get here? then about six months later you say how the hell did the rest of them get here? and i gotta tell ya after standing up with them some of these people frighten me."


    "i would say the top tier ones they've made statements, oh joe i'll include you too, you have a certain arrogance. you want to tell the iraqis how to run their country i gotta tell you we should just plain get out its their country their asking us to leave and we insist on staying there and why not get out? what harm is it going to do? you hear these statements: "oh my god these soldiers would have died in vain." the entire deaths of vietnam died in vain and their dying in vain right this very second. you know whats worse than a soldier dying in vain? its more soldiers dying in vain. thats whats worse."

    democratic presidential candidate mike gravel to nbc news brian williams, south carolina state university, orangeburg, south carolina, 26 april 2007. when asked why are you running and who exactly frightens you?
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    27 April 2007

    former jena police chief george king wins at state supremes

    it really sucks when a bunch of red necks in a small louisiana town and parish have a falling out...click link to read 22 page .pdf.

    The Opinion handed down on the 27th day of April, 2007, is as follows:

    (Parish of Lasalle) (Malfeasance in Office)
    For all of the above reasons, we find defendant has proved by a preponderance of the evidence that the district attorney should be recused pursuant to La. C.Cr.P. art. 680(1). Consequently, we find the trial court erred in denying the motion to recuse the district attorney. Accordingly, we affirm the court of appeal’s order granting defendant’s motion to recuse the district attorney and remanding the case to the trial court for further proceedings.

    VICTORY, J., dissents and assigns reasons.
    TRAYLOR, J., dissents.
    KNOLL, J., dissents for the reasons assigned by Victory, J.
    WEIMER, J., concurs in the result and assigns reasons.
    chief king lost a runoff election on 07 november 2006
    On October 21, 2003, a LaSalle Parish Grand Jury returned a true bill of indictment charging defendant, George King, the Chief of Police for the town of Jena, Louisiana, with malfeasance in office in violation of La. R.S. 14:134(1).1 The charges stem from an incident that occurred on October 6, 2003, in which James Robbins, the Mayor of Jena, struck Gary Compton, a member of the Town Council of Jena, twice in the face with a closed fist after a heated verbal exchange. When the incident occurred, the mayor was accompanied by defendant, who allegedly witnessed and participated in the event, yet failed to take any action to prevent its escalation into a simple battery, and failed to make an arrest pursuant to an investigation.
    defendant alleged the district attorney believed that defendant had either started or spread salacious rumors concerning the personal lives of the district attorney and a member of his family. Defendant further alleged the district attorney’s belief that he had started or spread the rumors had driven the district attorney to proceed with his prosecution instead of perhaps dismissing it as was earlier discussed by defendant’s attorney and the district attorney.
    In the instant case, the district attorney candidly and admirably admitted his belief that defendant was responsible for spreading or starting offensive rumors about him and a family member was a factor in his decision to proceed with the prosecution against defendant. Because of this, we find his personal interest in the cause would lead a reasonable person to question whether he could conduct defendant’s trial fairly and impartially.


    he is piyush not bobby

    interesting piyush story on the india abroad rediff.com media website from 16 november 2003. click the link to view it from their website. a look into the comments section shows that the average indian -- (for all of you that are lost in moon griffon's balkanville thats the indians as in the taj mahal and brahman bull worshipping indians not the indians who run your favorite casino)

    anyhoooo reading the comment thread for this article we have to wonder why is it that the indians are not impressed with piyush? why is it that they can see through the bullshit and are not beguiled and spellbound by this con artist like so many louisianaians are? in the meantime, most everyone degrades huey long and edwin edwards slick style and ways, whilst in reality piyush is the same thing. piyush is just a little better educated and prettier and has his shtick very well polished. more so than long and edwards ever did.

    one reason the indians arent deceived by piyush is because they actually believe in something. this is shown in the recent controversy involving richard gere and an indian woman shilpa shetty. it seems that the indians arent impressed with a big time american hollywood no morals having ass who comes over to their country and violates their societal customs and morals. so they put an arrest warrant out on gere. lol good for them. then we see the american media playing it up here trying to make the indians look like a bunch of hicks when all the indians are saying is hey we have standards and we are going to act to protect that what we believe in and stand for. if this incident had happened on american television (remember the britney spears & madonna kiss) it wouldnt have been a kiss on the cheek. it would have been french kissing, dry humping , etc on stage and the american elites would have been saying "oh, how avant garde."

    the moral of the story is piyush "bobby" jindal's own people arent fooled -- why are you? are you not more intelligent than someone who worships a cow?

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    26 April 2007


    a few minutes ago someone googling steve capus arrived at our post "questions for nbc president steve capus." (steve capus is actually the nbc news president) and the visitor left a comment at that post. although we find their nbc logo humorous we have to disagree with all this hullabaloo surrounding nbc's broadcast of what brian williams called cho seung-hui "multimedia manifesto."

    for one thing, in the days, weeks and months of 11 september 2001 the media relentlessly played over and over and over again both the planes crashing into 1 and 2 wtc as well as the towers collapse. no one objected and still dont. when the towers collapsed and especially when the planes crashed into the towers people actually died. both of these amount to snuff films if not technically then practically. the cho seung-hui tapes dont show anyone being killed. actually playing his video's serves to show people what a mentally ill person sounds like. the video's could help people in giving clues about what to look out for in identifying similarly situated mentally ill people.

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    is your right hand thief's lame wst...hit piece an indictment of the state democratic party?

    imagine this...we woke up this morning and saw that nick from over at the conservative cajun had stopped by and and left a few comments (by the way nick and his wife just had a new baby and if you would like to see pictures and you know you do, click here) anyway, around that same time we noticed that we were receiving a few referrals from your right hand thief blog. so we assumed that we must have been linked in a post because we very rarely receive referrals from our link in yrht sidebar.

    we about fell out laughing when we read this post:

    now dont get the wrong idea we dont mind being taken to task over something that we've written but with that in mind is why we try to go to great lengths to provide outside sources to back up whatever we are on about. too bad oyster @ yrht doesnt subscribe to same.

    first off you have to understand how liberals are. they are so caught up in this politically correct bull shit that they dont really know what they stand for because horrors if they stood for something it might actually offend someone else. so they wind up believing in everything and not believing in anything. we dont really care for country & western music that much but a few years back there was a song that went something like "you have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." interestingly, a former longtime DEMOCRATIC louisiana state representative friend of ours who, when he very unfortunately, passed away, they played this song at his funeral. modern day democrats could learn a few lessons from the old school democrats.

    now it would seem logical and nonsensical that when you go to write a hit piece on someone else's post or blog you would at least take the time to explain how that post or blog is wrong and why. in yrht's case they are merely offended, disturbed etc... because we write or post information about zionism and zionists. we didnt invent zionism and we didnt invent anti-zionism.

    we know for a fact that oyster spent hours on this blog last night and the night before and probably the night before that going through all of our posts about the evils of zionism and yet one post he chooses to highlight is:


    and by the way he didnt give the true title's of our posts either he chose to rename them to something seemingly controversial to suit his purpose which was to mislead his readers. in other words oyster was trying to implant a preconceived notion or prejudice about our posts into his readers minds so they would be thinking a certain way before they even read the posts. oyster called it: "Zionism will crucify [us] on a bloody cross of avarice" the actual title of the post is "zionism is nobodys friend" - you see the intent to deceive? oyster didnt bother to inform his readers that this post was written by judy andreas who is a jewish woman trying to educate people about the folly of zionism. oyster didnt mention that we reposted it with ms. andreas' written permission either. never mind that both zionism and antizionism are both legitimate movements and as such are worthy of critical study because they both (especially zionism) affect our lives both jew and goyim alike.

    next, oyster takes offense with a site that we reference from time to time called judicial inc. oyster calls it "wack ass." thats some smooth wordsmithing there we gotta say. judicial inc is not for the faint of heart thats for sure but in our longtime observation of that site they have been right in a few things. one thing they were right about was when weeks or months before the election judicial inc correctly predicted that ray nagin would be reelected. we didnt even believe that ourselves until it came to pass.

    another thing that judicial inc is totally correct about is what we call judicial inc's wikipedia caveat. we know they are right because not too long ago someone created an entry for rabbi yisroel dovid weiss. we've been long time admirers of his and so we tried to pitch in and help edit his entry. however, every time someone would edit it these zionist editors would swoop in and change it around. one editor using the handle DavidCharlesII is continuously vandalizing rabbi weiss's entry. wikipedia is supposed to ban users like that but hes never banned. none of the ones who vandalize certain entries never are. this is just one example out of many that we know about but the bottom line is that we know that judicial inc is correct in their assessment of wikipedia.

    now what does this all have to do with liberals and democrats? well its simple. piyush "bobby" jindal is about to come in and kick all of their asses and instead of writing about him and trying to explain to people why he shouldnt be governor liberal democrats are paralyzed with hurt feelings because someone on some obscure blog is posting information about zionists lol. get with the program idiots!


    katrina mary makes republican hit list

    first off, we arent members of the NRSC and dont have a clue how we got on this mailing list. secondly, its pretty amazing that the republicans are so concerned about replacing katrina mary after all katrina mary has been nothing but a happy hooker to republicans and the bush crime machine. katrina mary voted for the unconstitutional iraqnam war, katrina mary voted for the usa patriot act, katrina mary voted for the military commissions act, katrina mary voted for the john warner defense act. any one of these votes is reason enough to throw her ass out of office and her bush knee pads along after her. so in this instance we agree whole heartedly with the nrsc and will do everything we can to replace katrina mary landrieu. the chances are pretty high though that we do not agree with the nrsc on who should be katrina mary's replacement.

    click the link to watch the video's they are talking about in this screen grab.

    email continued:
    The Democrats hold a razor thin two seat majority in the United States Senate -- and Democrat incumbents have steadily moved away from main street voters in their home states and embraced the special interests and radical elements that control the Democrat Party.

    Senators like Mary Landrieu, Jay Rockefeller, and Tom Harkin have sold out to liberal interests that are bad for our country and bad for their states. I hope you will help us educate voters in each of these Senators home states by forwarding the web videos we have created highlighting the refusal of out-of-touch Democrats to distance themselves from the comments of their own leadership in the Senate regarding our fighting men and women in Iraq. I encourage you to forward these videos to friends, family members and co-workers.

    Working closely with Republican leadership in the Senate our goal at the NRSC is to expose the Democrats radical agenda to the voters and regain the Republican Senate Majority. And thanks to a lot of hard work, things are beginning to move in the right direction. But we can't do it alone... we need your help.

    And after you view and forward these videos, I urge you to make a contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $75, $50 or even $25 today. Your financial support is critical to our ongoing efforts to inform voters of what is at stake and where the Democrats stand on the issues. In years past, the NRSC relied upon millions of dollars in advertising, extensive polling and high priced consultants to tell us how to win elections. One of the first decisions I made as NRSC Chairman was to put an end to the reliance on a top-down strategy in favor of a return to grassroots driven politics. Moving forward, I need you to be my strategist and my volunteer.

    So please forward the videos we have created to your friends, family members and co-workers and after you do, I encourage you to make a contribution in support of our efforts here at the NRSC for $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $25. As we continue to reach out to voters in the weeks and months ahead it is vitally important that each of our supporters shows their commitment to our new grassroots driven strategy.

    Since my first days at the NRSC, my team and I have sought to change the status quo. We have changed the emphasis to a grassroots driven strategy powered by individuals.

    I hope you will be a part of this effort and please know I value you as a critical part of our NRSC team.

    Respectfully yours,

    Senator John Ensign
    NRSC Chairman

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    25 April 2007

    sec'y kennedy takes dotd to task

    click link for video
    length 3m22s

    sec'y kennedy was on ktbs this morning the topic of conversation was the louisiana state department of transportation and development and how dotd is falling down on their job regarding an unfinished portion of interstate-forty-nine near shreveport, louisiana.

    according to sec'y kennedy, governor blanco signed off on a bill (hb654 - act 256 2005 regular session - see also house concurrent resolution 275 regular session 2006) to use the states unclaimed property money (which seems kinda shady to us, but if sec'y kennedy is okay with it we'll trust him and go along with it...for now) to back up the money needed to finish I-49. it never happened because sec'y kennedy says "well because dotd wont do it...dotd says that it supports this project, twenty-one months ago dotd came to shreveport it [dotd] stumbled all over itself to take credit for this, thats fine, but two years have passed and now they say that the bonds are too expensive to issue. too expensive compared to what? compared to the twenty-five percent construction inflation we have every year? you know i think that dotd just doesnt support this project and there comes a point where patience is no longer a virtue and i'am there. dotd either needs to sell these bonds if they dont know how to do it i'll be glad to show em or they need to identify another funding source and lets get on about our business of finishing these thirty-six miles of I-49 north."

    sec'y kennedy says that dotd hasnt done the first thing towards getting the project going such as issuing an rfp. sec'y kennedy says that if dotd doesnt want to finance this project with the bonds -- that the state has a 30 billion dollar budget. sec'y kennedy says that dotd "needs either do this or they either need to look the people of north west louisiana in the eye and say we need to tell you the truth we really dont support this project."

    be sure to click here and check out emily metzgar's 21 april 2007 interview of sec'y kennedy.


    state rep tim burns: will louisiana waste another budget boom?


  • tim burns to announce for congress

  • ----ORIGINAL POST----

    earlier today we received an email from louisiana state representative tim burns (r) mandeville dist 89. we're unsure how we get on all these email mailing lists but rep. burns is pretty cool in that he doesnt bug us with a lot of unnecessary emails. some of these politicians it seems like, email every time the wind changes direction. anyway, heres his email:


    April 25, 2007

    As the legislature sets to convene next week, the main question on everyone’s mind besides much needed insurance reform is money. The good news is that for the first time since the oil bust in the early 1980’s, the state is flushed with money to spend. The bad news perhaps is that it is going to be spent by the governor and the legislature.

    The recent growth in the state budget has been staggering, nearly tripling in the last 10 years to a whopping $29 billion. Yet we have a dismal economy, continue to lose population and generally find ourselves last in education, health care and business climate.

    The following chart indicates the per capita spending of neighboring states, all whose economy and quality of life are substantially better than Louisiana’s. It is almost inconceivable that our state spending is the third highest per capita in the nation, yet we produce such dismal results.

    There are several reasons:

    1) Government, particularly in Louisiana, has been inherently inefficient, delivering services in a model based upon politics rather than policy. Government tends to spend money that benefits public officials politically (and unfortunately sometimes financially), rather than in a strategic manner that gives citizens the best bang for the buck.

    2) Such focus on short term results tends to cluster focus around pet projects and causes, as opposed to comprehensive and long term results.

    3) Consider our deplorable highways, whose main funding source, 16 cents in motor fuel taxes per gallon of gasoline, has remained static for decades despite the massive increase in the size of government. With over a $10 billion backlog in state projects it’s time to divert funds from the state slushpot (also known as the general fund) into highways, as well as coastal restoration and other pressing needs and I will be supporting measures to do just that. But that leaves less for pet projects.

    In December, fiscal conservatives were able to block an increase in the spending cap for a hastily called special session to spend over $2 billion. Today, I feel that some of the surplus should be returned to the citizens who created it by repealing all or part of the Stelly plan and stimulate our economy with some small business tax breaks. Also there are some constitutionally authorized areas which are appropriate for spending another portion of the surplus such as highways, coastal restoration and paying down retirement debt. Our teachers deserve a raise to finally get them to the Southern average and our public safety officials such as police and firemen deserve special consideration particularly due to their fine work during the hurricanes, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to give pay raises to everyone, particularly groups which have enjoyed recent pay increases, and commit more than we can afford in recurring expenses.

    The main question is whether the Governor and the legislature can show fiscal restraint even in an election year with many members either not returning or running for other offices. If we don’t show restraint, we will have yet wasted another budget boom. Stay tuned.

    click here to view from the state legislature website, all house bills filed by rep. tim burns.


    rod noles economic update radio notes 25 april 2007

    heres an excerpt from this weeks rod noles economic update email:

    to listen to this weeks show via ksyl.com podcast go to:


    and click rod noles wednesday real estate update:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Rod Noles
    Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 7:08 AM
    Subject: Radio notes April 24th

    Warsaw Poland International 5 day course

    Wonderful weather, good flight connections 8.5 hour flight

    Wait to buy vodka on plane with shopping cart down the aisle

    Students were wonderful most spoke some English 30% fluent, Polish was second language for some

    Time Value of money high school concept way ahead of American students

    Interpreter only translates, and interprets for real estate, gifted and fun. All slides were in Polish

    11 days not enough time to enjoy this wonderful country with such a tragic history

    All roads lead to Rome but world comes to Warsaw, international city

    Quiz which city in the world has second largest Polish population? Second only to Warsaw, second only to

    Poland has not been a capitalist economy for 20 years yet, people are competent and competitive, and service is superior

    Guide said about lack of competition during communist era, new buildings beside modern sky scrapers

    Country side still has people plowing with horse drawn plow

    Kracow only city not destroyed by the Nazi is a beautiful treasure, castles, cathedrals, and wonderful architecture

    People are thin, walk a lot, no fried foods, no to go orders, no drive through windows, small cars four fat guys would not fit

    Concentration camps is chilling beyond all possible imagination of how cruel we can be to each other

    Every Deal has a tale / tail
    reviewed 11 days of legal recorder few sales of interest

    7 plus acres next to tobacco plus has survey stakes, rough rule of thumb 10,000 sf of space per acres, approximately 70,000 sf property is owned by

    Sale; Cogent Equity, et al to North Mall Properties (7235 Jefferson Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA 70806) - Tract in Sec 36, T5NR1W, $2,052,006.00 $6 psf

    Partners: Registered Agent (Appointed 1/29/2007): JOHN W. KOLWE, 600 JEFFERSON ST., SUITE 1600, LAFAYETTE, LA 70501


    Lender: North Mall Properties (P O Box 80154, Lafayette, LA 70598) to Home Bank (P O Box 81459, Lafayette, LA 70598) - 7.851 acres in Sec 42, T4NR1W (2050 North Mall Dr., Alex., LA 71301), $1,720,000.00

    Cogent also made $1,000,000 plus purchase from Beauregard development.

    Beauregard Development (P O Box 13705, Alex., LA 71315) to Cogent Equity, et al (1412 Centre Court, Suite 500, Alex., LA 71301) - 135.48 acres in Sec 35 & 36, T5NR1W, $1,155,000.00 North side of the river $8,525 per acre ( I think near Mary Hill road and interstate) Buddy Tudor listens to show maybe he will call in

    Family counseling buys new or additional location Red River Ques II (2604 Detroit St., Alex., LA 71302) to Family Counseling Agency (1404 Murray St., Alex., LA 71301) - .753 acre tract known as 3006 Broadway Ave., Alex., LA 71302, $290,000.00

    First Federal Bank of LA signs building contract (P O Box 1667, Lake Charles, LA 70602) to Skip Converse, Inc. (318 Jones St., Pineville, LA 71360) - Renovations to existing building New Branch Bank, 2212 North Blvd., Alex., LA, $1,589,000.00

    Mall activity serious:

    Right of way for widening road construction soon to start

    David Bridal $400,000 land sale next to Florita

    Service Merchandise down and tenants on the string

    70,000 sf box coming up on 7.85 acres next to Tobacco plus

    First Federal rehab over $1,000,000 to State Farm building

    J.C Penny TBA facility 13,700 in rehab partly occupied by Weiss & Goldring, Mall wanted their space for some reason

    First time million dollar deal for Noles-Frye Realty agents

    Jack Hodges closed his first million dollars deal 539 acres in Harrisonburg or Catahoula Parish cross sale with Mossy Oaks,

    Jimmy Refearin has Marksville shopping center $1,500,000 under contract, loop net works

    Dagwood pad site on Jackson street in front of Mack’s Market Curmin Gaines owner operator

    Robin Ewing moving into new center on MacArthur but not Eddie’s Barbecue

    House of Java on Jackson street

    Paul Smith new state fire marshal from Alex is considering requiring sprinkler systems in new homes, hope this does not happen

    Jena Choctaw will have casino hats off to Mike Whalder who had faith deal would work and donated land for trust, many property owners turned down this opportunity including one of my groups..

    Sale TXI Operations, et al (1341 W Mockingbird Lane, Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75247) to Yahweh, LLC (P O Box 1719, Tioga, LA 71477) - Part of Lot 12, C R Baker Subd., et al, $400,000.00

    Loan: Yahweh, LLC (5015 Hwy. 71, Tioga, LA 71477) to Capital One (313 Carondelet St., New Orleans, LA 70130) - Part of Lot 12, C R Baker Subd., et al, $400,000.00

    Lake District sells four lots while I am out of town

    Wonder if this is tear down for new home: Bernard L Aertker, Jr. (7321 Board Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70817) to Carol M White (6412 Genevieve Dr., Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 4, Blk 4, Petrus Heights Addn. (3011 Pershing Ave., Alex., LA 71301), $112,081.30

    North Park several sales past 18 months Alexandria North Park Development (1228 Southampton Dr., Alex., LA 71303) to Darrell C Johnson, Sr. & Mary L Johnson (5104 Sarah St., Alex., LA 71302) - Lot 4, North Park Village, Phase I (1586 Chase Dr., Alex., LA 71303), $144,000.00

    Big loans this week: $700,000 or more

    $3,000,000.00 Dis-Tran Steel Pole (4725 Hwy. 28 E, Pineville, LA 71360) to Iberibank (1300 Oliver Road, Monroe, LA 71201) - 9.69 acres in Sec 25, T5NR1W (529 Cenla Dr., Pineville, LA 71360), $3,000,000.00

    $1,900,000.00 Bayou Rapides Development to Citizens National Bank (2711 E Texas St., Bossier City, LA 71111) - 19.5249 acres in Sec 21, T4NR1W,

    Registered Agent (Appointed 10/09/2006): JAMES BRYAN BUTLER, 3704 COLISEUM BLVD., ALEXANDRIA, LA 71303





    $707,000.00 CSDT, LLC (4923 S Columbia Ave., Hammond, IN 46327) to Louisiana Capital Certified Development Co. (302 LaRue France, Suite 200, Lafayette, LA 70508) - 10.273 acres in Sec 10 & 14, T4NR1W (1111 North 3rd St., Alex., LA 71301), $707,000.00
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    charles bryant v city of alexandria

    The plaintiff, an employee of the City of Alexandria, requested that the Alexandria Civil Service Commission review his wages as an increase in the hourly wage received by certain employees resulted in him earning less than those under his supervision. The Civil Service Commission declined his request. Upon appeal to the Ninth Judicial District Court, the trial court reversed the Civil Service Commission’s determination and ordered that the plaintiff’s wages be raised by one pay step above those under his supervision. The City of Alexandria appeals. We reverse.

    Having reviewed the jurisprudence and relevant positive law in light of the facts of the plaintiff’s case, we find no authority by which the trial court could have intruded upon the City and Civil Service Commission’s role in administering its pay plan. Therefore, the trial court’s judgment is reversed. The decision of the Alexandria Civil Service Commission denying Mr. Bryant’s complaint is reinstated.
    For the foregoing reasons, the trial court’s judgment is reversed. The decision of the Alexandria Civil Service Commission denying Charles Bryant’s complaint is reinstated. All costs of this proceeding are assessed to Mr. Bryant.
    click link to read 14 page .pdf


    no more roy's in public office

    louisiana house district 25.pdf

    rumors are flying fast and furious in a comment thread over on cenla antics blog about a run for the state representative dist. 25 seat being vacated (term limited) by charlie dewitt by attorney chris roy, jr. attorney roy is the brother of alexandria, louisiana mayor jacques roy.

    one only needs to look to the mayor roy's candidacy and term of office...so far, to see what this family stands for - which is nothing. during the mayoral race then candidate jacques roy quoted from thomas jefferson and the federalist papers and looking back we can see it was because hey it sounds good and everyone loves thomas jefferson and the founders. then when the mayor gets into office within about oh fifty-two days the city council passes and he signs into law a so called abandoned car ordinance so flawed and so unconstitutional that anyone who's had a ninth grade civics class could see that it couldnt withstand judicial scrutiny. sure enough the abandoned car ordinance has resulted in needless and costly litigation.

    the mayor has pushed an ill conceived red light spy camera scheme which again is something totally contrary to what thomas jefferson and the founders stood for.

    the roy administration is secretive too -- they refuse to publicly release both the quick & associates coughlin-saunders report and the cleco audit.

    at this critical time in louisiana we need honest men and women who say what they mean and mean what they say down in baton rouge. havent we louisianaian's had enough of this bait and switch b.s.?

    fortunately, house district twenty-five covers an area mostly outside the alexandria city limits. this is a district thats mainly rural and made up of hard working no nonsense people who can look to what happened to alexandria and not be tricked themselves.
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