20 April 2007

a la state republican supports gun control

meet louisiana state representative hollis downs-(r) ruston, dist 12. this RINO republican came out today in support of state representative rick gallot's gun controlling hb461.

the monroe news star quoted downs:

State Rep. Hollis Downs, R-Ruston, said he will vote for the bill if it makes it to the House floor during the upcoming legislative session. "It doesn't make any sense in the world to have a firearm on a college campus," Downs said.
so wheres the republican condemnation of downs rather unrepublican stance? there wont be any. the republican party is made up of nothing more than hi-tech con artists and scammers and their redneck sycophants. actually thats an insult to true red necks who of course know better than to be a part of this "party." really what the republican party is - is a cadre of white collar criminals and their low i.q.white trash wannabes.

we agree with this commenter in the news stars story chat thread:
monroewatcher....tsk* tsk*.... I would not expect such a response from you. I do not beleive that just because someone is a student..they forfeit their constitutional rights.


Democrats, Republicans....it's the same song and dance. Who cares what party is supporting this legislation... IT'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Posted by: helen b on Thu Apr 19, 2007 2:38 pm
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