09 April 2007

more proof the town talk is a propaganda tool

mr. robert c. tanner addresses the alexandria city council meeting

we couldnt help but notice that in this morning's "city notebook" feature (see link) by town talk reporter billy gunn how "they" are going out of their way to make an alexandria, louisiana resident mr. robert tanner look foolish just because he has the audacity to attend city council meetings and to address the city council in trying to stand up for his rights.

if the town talk was truly fair then why dont they interview mr. tanner and present his side of the story? the town talk mentoned that mr. tanner had to be escorted from the lectern by alexandria city police, however the town talk never mentioned that when mr. larry english, esq. attorney for ms. bridgett brown addressed the city council [video here] he also had an alexandria police officer hovering around him and how she (the apd officer) was taking hand signals from someone (presumably a city council member) off camera. so is the town talk interested in reporting news fairly and objectively or is the town talk more interested in trying to impress the mayor, the administration and the city council in how well they can be counted on to make anyone who dare question the city look foolish?