05 April 2007

alexandria city government: full of house negros

inspired by, but with apologies to, our pal the field negro

the alexandria, louisiana city council
from left to right: myron lawson, harry silver, charles frederick smith,
everett hobbs president, louis marshall, chuck fowler, roosevelt johnson

one thing that strikes us as odd or even ironic is that one would think that when black people because of their history as slaves, segregation and oppression, come into power that they - of all people, would be the ones to show compassion and fair treatment, equality and justice - you know to show the rest of us how its done or how its supposed to be.

whats so dismaying and so disturbing to us because quite frankly we have been treated better by some black people in some situations than by our own kind, is to hear people talking in alexandria, at the barber shop, in line at the post office, etc... about for instance the developing utility bill crisis or the cleco case scandal, about how thats what you get when you elect blacks and they take over. no....to this we say - this is what happens when you elect house negro's and house negro's take over.

only a house negro would come up with and vote for alexandria's new abandoned vehicle ordinance and then have the town talk go out and photograph so called abandoned vehicles but only in the black neighborhoods...a field negro on the other hand loves the constitution and the rights that so many people have given so much to bring into force...

a field negro feels just as compassionate for an old white woman who's struggling with her bills as he does for his own grandmother. a field negro never plays the race card because he sees his child and a white child playing in the park and marvels at their example. how it is that what all children only want and only see in another child is a potential friend and playmate. so he knows that racism and prejudice is not an inherent human condition but is taught and passed down in all races from generation to generation;

only a house negro would use taxpayer money to pay for a big party for him and his other house negros. a field negro would say come enjoy the fellowship but only if you can afford it and bring a sack lunch.

mr. felton joshua age 89
on the alexandria utility bill crisis
"to me it's just robbing people thats all i can see they just robbing people"

only a house negro would accept the excuse that was offered up by alexandria's finance director, david crutchfield, as to whether or not to rescind late penalties on utility bills because "that besides providing an incentive for customers to pay bills on time, the city also receives a lot of money each fiscal year from late payments.
In fiscal year 2004-05, Alexandria received $3 million from late fees and in 2005-06, $1.5 million. So far this fiscal year, which ends April 30, the late payments are around $1 million, Crutchfield said." when every field negro knows that in america the government is by, for and of the people and additionally everything in the city is already owned by the citizens of the city. only a house negro would try to "lord over" the people in such a way.

only house negro's would squander thousands of the taxpayers dollars on such foolish ventures and the dana pitcher boxing event and yeah we will throw que'in on the red in that too and every other bread and circus financed by the city when this looming utility bill crisis is hanging over the peoples heads. a field negro learns from his old enemy the fire ant and stores his provisions in the good times in preparation for the lean times. a field negro is looking out for and thinking about how soon the burning sun will appear and the elderly will be dropping like flies because they cant afford to run their air conditioners.

we have to wonder what the slaves would say about the present situation. would they be pleased? probably not. we imagine that they would be outraged and would say something along the lines of how dare you use our names and our struggle to advance your selfish cause. they would say that you didnt learn anything from us. and that you are just like the slave masters you are only about money, power and controlling other peoples lives.

its time for the field negros to come in from the fields...
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