26 April 2007

is your right hand thief's lame wst...hit piece an indictment of the state democratic party?

imagine this...we woke up this morning and saw that nick from over at the conservative cajun had stopped by and and left a few comments (by the way nick and his wife just had a new baby and if you would like to see pictures and you know you do, click here) anyway, around that same time we noticed that we were receiving a few referrals from your right hand thief blog. so we assumed that we must have been linked in a post because we very rarely receive referrals from our link in yrht sidebar.

we about fell out laughing when we read this post:

now dont get the wrong idea we dont mind being taken to task over something that we've written but with that in mind is why we try to go to great lengths to provide outside sources to back up whatever we are on about. too bad oyster @ yrht doesnt subscribe to same.

first off you have to understand how liberals are. they are so caught up in this politically correct bull shit that they dont really know what they stand for because horrors if they stood for something it might actually offend someone else. so they wind up believing in everything and not believing in anything. we dont really care for country & western music that much but a few years back there was a song that went something like "you have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." interestingly, a former longtime DEMOCRATIC louisiana state representative friend of ours who, when he very unfortunately, passed away, they played this song at his funeral. modern day democrats could learn a few lessons from the old school democrats.

now it would seem logical and nonsensical that when you go to write a hit piece on someone else's post or blog you would at least take the time to explain how that post or blog is wrong and why. in yrht's case they are merely offended, disturbed etc... because we write or post information about zionism and zionists. we didnt invent zionism and we didnt invent anti-zionism.

we know for a fact that oyster spent hours on this blog last night and the night before and probably the night before that going through all of our posts about the evils of zionism and yet one post he chooses to highlight is:


and by the way he didnt give the true title's of our posts either he chose to rename them to something seemingly controversial to suit his purpose which was to mislead his readers. in other words oyster was trying to implant a preconceived notion or prejudice about our posts into his readers minds so they would be thinking a certain way before they even read the posts. oyster called it: "Zionism will crucify [us] on a bloody cross of avarice" the actual title of the post is "zionism is nobodys friend" - you see the intent to deceive? oyster didnt bother to inform his readers that this post was written by judy andreas who is a jewish woman trying to educate people about the folly of zionism. oyster didnt mention that we reposted it with ms. andreas' written permission either. never mind that both zionism and antizionism are both legitimate movements and as such are worthy of critical study because they both (especially zionism) affect our lives both jew and goyim alike.

next, oyster takes offense with a site that we reference from time to time called judicial inc. oyster calls it "wack ass." thats some smooth wordsmithing there we gotta say. judicial inc is not for the faint of heart thats for sure but in our longtime observation of that site they have been right in a few things. one thing they were right about was when weeks or months before the election judicial inc correctly predicted that ray nagin would be reelected. we didnt even believe that ourselves until it came to pass.

another thing that judicial inc is totally correct about is what we call judicial inc's wikipedia caveat. we know they are right because not too long ago someone created an entry for rabbi yisroel dovid weiss. we've been long time admirers of his and so we tried to pitch in and help edit his entry. however, every time someone would edit it these zionist editors would swoop in and change it around. one editor using the handle DavidCharlesII is continuously vandalizing rabbi weiss's entry. wikipedia is supposed to ban users like that but hes never banned. none of the ones who vandalize certain entries never are. this is just one example out of many that we know about but the bottom line is that we know that judicial inc is correct in their assessment of wikipedia.

now what does this all have to do with liberals and democrats? well its simple. piyush "bobby" jindal is about to come in and kick all of their asses and instead of writing about him and trying to explain to people why he shouldnt be governor liberal democrats are paralyzed with hurt feelings because someone on some obscure blog is posting information about zionists lol. get with the program idiots!