25 April 2007

no more roy's in public office

louisiana house district 25.pdf

rumors are flying fast and furious in a comment thread over on cenla antics blog about a run for the state representative dist. 25 seat being vacated (term limited) by charlie dewitt by attorney chris roy, jr. attorney roy is the brother of alexandria, louisiana mayor jacques roy.

one only needs to look to the mayor roy's candidacy and term of office...so far, to see what this family stands for - which is nothing. during the mayoral race then candidate jacques roy quoted from thomas jefferson and the federalist papers and looking back we can see it was because hey it sounds good and everyone loves thomas jefferson and the founders. then when the mayor gets into office within about oh fifty-two days the city council passes and he signs into law a so called abandoned car ordinance so flawed and so unconstitutional that anyone who's had a ninth grade civics class could see that it couldnt withstand judicial scrutiny. sure enough the abandoned car ordinance has resulted in needless and costly litigation.

the mayor has pushed an ill conceived red light spy camera scheme which again is something totally contrary to what thomas jefferson and the founders stood for.

the roy administration is secretive too -- they refuse to publicly release both the quick & associates coughlin-saunders report and the cleco audit.

at this critical time in louisiana we need honest men and women who say what they mean and mean what they say down in baton rouge. havent we louisianaian's had enough of this bait and switch b.s.?

fortunately, house district twenty-five covers an area mostly outside the alexandria city limits. this is a district thats mainly rural and made up of hard working no nonsense people who can look to what happened to alexandria and not be tricked themselves.
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