08 April 2007

city of pineville attorney also casino attorney

grand casino coushatta slot machine scam exposed!

interesting 3rd circuit opinion handed down (see link 16 page .pdf file) on 4 april 2007 involving one sister nira ledoux and gale thomas. it seems that the good sister and ms. thomas played and won jackpots "on the identical slot machine at the casino one year and five days apart." the grand casino - coushatta, "in both instances [...] refused to honor the jackpots." it looks like the indians are learning the white mans ways pretty quickly doesnt it?

what it boils down to is that this slot machine hit a jackpot for these two individuals not once but twice. the casino refused to pay the jackpots and despite their own in house testing and despite their sending the machine to a company gaming laboratories international, inc., in golden, colorado, neither could find a malfunction with the machine - so just like a white man they reasoned that the machine "must have" malfunctioned LOL.

next the casino argued that since they are a sovereign nation they are immune from state court lawsuits. the trial court and the appeals court didnt buy that because thats not what the tribe's compact with the state says.

anyway, the case is a fascinating read and it should serve as a warning to anyone that is dumb enough to partake in casino gambling or gaming or whatever its called because as you can see if you win they are just going to deny your winnings; under the flimsiest of excuses and drag the case out for years - this all began in november 1998 and here it is april 2007 and they just now get a resolution. thats ridiculous especially when you consider that both jackpots together only came to $98,371.50 [73,529 eur] thats peanuts for a casino. one has to also wonder if the citizens of pineville really want as their law firm, one that would defend this activity.