06 April 2007

are communists running alexandria?

roy administration assault on civil liberties!

with no public notice and no public debate or input ultra-secretive mayor jacques roy and his administration plan to spring red light spy cams on alexandrians!

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we dont know about you but we are sick to death of politicians that when they are running for office promise one thing then when they get in office do the exact opposite. we dont even see the point in voting for people anymore. oh we should still vote on things like tax initiatives (vote no! on all of them) and constitutional amendments and so forth but when it comes to people running for office we see over and over again its just one liar versus another liar, one crook against another crook, one crime gang (carpetbaggers and scalawags) versus another crime gang.

in this video we have silly, city attorney laura sylvester explaining to the city council that presently when one receives a traffic ticket its prosecuted in city court. "this is going to be a camera system it's going to be linked to ownership of the vehicle is going to instead as an alternative call for only a civil penalty it's going to be processed through administrative means and that is what the text of this ordinance does is it sets up that system and it sets forth what the penalties will be but it's not something that will go on someone's individual driving record." what this means is that when you receive your ticket in the mail and you go down to city hall to inquire or to complain about it the will city will come back - "oh its just a civil fine it wont even go on your driving record and your insurance company wont ever find out about it - it'll just be our lil secret ~wink wink~" the clerk will say as she smiles sweetly at you like the city is doing you a favor. - yeah some favor!

now the mayor and what a disappointment hes becoming, in fact we are about ready to rename him 'dennis the menance the anti-midas' because everything this administration touches turns to dung. did you read the town talk your mail letter of 31 march 2007, from charles park resident, daniel w. bradford; captioned: "mindless decree about medians?" where the administration is pissing off the people in charles park - now why needlessly piss off the residents of charles park? thats a heck of a voting block.

anyway, city councilman myron lawson to his credit offers up some token resistance and makes reference to the ten new officers the city recently hired "we have enough officers to do that job i would just rather have folk out there doing things and not depending solely on technology and i'am not saying we dont need a deterrent here and there i dont think its well received take pictures of peoples vehicles and then try to ticket them."

silly gadfly laura sylvester replies in trying to smooth it all over by pointing out this is the reason they want to make it a civil penalty and not a criminal penalty. then she goes on to say that the statistical evidence in other parts of the country (now we know what mark twain and others, have said about statistics now dont we - twain said that "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.") in other parts of the country show that in places that have installed these "systems the reduction of the number of inter sectional accidents is staggering..." oh and by the way just because the people in lafayette, louisiana are foolish enough to allow their parish government to install a red light spy camera scheme doesnt mean we have to do it here in alexandria. we guess this administrations mothers never told them about how just because everyone else is jumping off a cliff doesnt mean you should do it too.

this may or may not be true and what ms. sylvester doesnt mention and we doubt that she or the administration or the city council have even thought about is how about the rate of carjackings and robberies going up at these same intersections. if you talk to any alexandria city police officer or rapides deputy sheriff for that matter they will tell you, off the record and maybe after a beer or two, that if you find yourself in alexandria after dark and at a red light and if its safe to do so - to run the red light because you are vulnerable to *ding, ding ding* carjackers and robbers when you are stopped at a red light.

which brings us to our next point - this red light spy camera scheme will not be operated by the city. the city is so lame that they are willing to give up their law enforcement authority which they get from the consent of the governed to a private company. do you think a private company gives a damn about you or your family? a private company is in business for one reason; that reason is to stay in business. to stay in business a company has to turn a profit. a private company's books are not open or subject to citizen review either.

we warned yall way back there that the mayor's bad choice of an assistant district attorney to be the city attorney. partially because the rapides d.a office is incompetent and corrupt but also because someone from a prosecutorial background will always be on the side of government and never on the side of the people in fact a prosecutor wants to lock you up. sure enough city attorney charles johnson (who's rapidly moving up our list for nomination in the next edition of the field negro's stepin fetchit looney coon award) chimed in to say "mr. lawson i would also like to point out this system will not cost the city anything it actually frees up the officers to do other work if a person speeds through a red light and a picture is taken and they are not the actual driver of the car if i was in your car speeding and the citation came to your house you wouldnt have to pay it you understand what iam saying?" we dont know about councilman lawson but we understand perfectly - this all sounds well and good and plausible but once you get a ticket, once they have your name and number in a computer database somewhere, you try and get out of it and you will find out just how hard it is. and thats another: thing since a private company will be administering this scheme who will they be sharing this information with? another thing we have to point out about mr. johnson's statement is free up officers to do what? sit in the donut shop longer or hide behind it sleeping in their cars?

we guarantee you that in about a year the administration will come back and sex up the red light spy cams success similarly like how mayor roy sexed up the anemic attendance of the recent que'in on the red festival and introduce full motion spy cams - first in the black neighborhoods because its always the blacks that need watching. then up and down bolton avenue and jackson street and the extension and pretty soon no one in alexandria will be able to step outside their door without being on camera everywhere you go. is this the kind of world and society we want to leave the next generation? being constantly under the godless, all seeing one eyed gaze of the state?

this whole thing is a disaster. its a fraud and a scam and yet no one in alexandria is speaking out against it. why?
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