14 April 2007

rep billy chandler & his ridiculous hb 195

say hello to new louisiana state representative billy chandler. this scary looking dude was elected to finish the unexpired term of another legislator who had to resign over some um personal issues.

representative chandler has filed hb195 - he wants to take away the rights of citizens of the tiny grant parish, louisiana town of pollock. specifically representative chandler wants to remove their right to elect their own police chief.

now whenever you see a bill, ordinance etc filed the first thing you should ask yourself is who benefits? it would appear that the citizens of pollock do not benefit because who in their right mind would give up the right to elect their own police chief? so the only plausible explanation is that this bill benefits the mayor and the town alderman and the political wheeler-dealers. it seems that the mayor et. al., dont like the citizens of pollock choice for police chief and so they want to remove that right and appoint someone more to their liking instead.

people of pollock wake up - dump hb195 and dump billy chandler.
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