19 April 2007

daily kingfish schools lsu jindal shill

yesterday we noticed that the dead pelican linked to a story captioned "think for yourself about jindal" subtitled "a shot of jack" by lsu's the daily reveille, opinion writer, jack collens.

instead of convincing his readers to indeed think for themselves about jindal, mr. collens spends his time attacking a website called aboutbobby.com curiously mr. collens doesnt mention another website: jindal is bad.com. what we came away with after reading mr. collens rather transparent hit piece was that he would have us think for ourselves about jindal just dont think too deeply and isnt that what all the jindal supporters are saying? that and oh if you dont support piyush you are a racist.

daily kingfish snip
Jack Collens of The Daily Reveille should conduct research before serving as a paid pamphleteer for the Jindal campaign. Claiming that Jindal has bucked Republican leadership and voted on behalf of Louisiana, he cites and discusses the following example: [...] Collens neglects to note that Tom DeLay and the Republican leadership held the vote open for 40 minutes, when House votes are by House rules only to be open for 15 minutes. [...] Jindal, in other words, allowed the Republican House leadership to "catch and release" his NO vote, thereby making it an empty, symbolic gesture. There was no act of bravery on behalf of Louisiana here. And lest one try to invalidate me for relying on the reportage of one interest group, I will quote...
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