28 April 2007

video: former senator mike gravel from alaska kicks ass

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"brian, you're right. i made that statement but thats before i had a chance to stand in a room with them [kucinich, clinton, obama, biden, edwards, dodd, richardson] for a couple three times. its like going into the senate you know the first time you get there you're all excited, my god how did i ever get here? then about six months later you say how the hell did the rest of them get here? and i gotta tell ya after standing up with them some of these people frighten me."


"i would say the top tier ones they've made statements, oh joe i'll include you too, you have a certain arrogance. you want to tell the iraqis how to run their country i gotta tell you we should just plain get out its their country their asking us to leave and we insist on staying there and why not get out? what harm is it going to do? you hear these statements: "oh my god these soldiers would have died in vain." the entire deaths of vietnam died in vain and their dying in vain right this very second. you know whats worse than a soldier dying in vain? its more soldiers dying in vain. thats whats worse."

democratic presidential candidate mike gravel to nbc news brian williams, south carolina state university, orangeburg, south carolina, 26 april 2007. when asked why are you running and who exactly frightens you?
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