12 April 2007

another day another piyush "bobby" jindal msm lie

earlier today we noticed that the dead pelican linked to a story (see link) from the sulphur daily newspaper. the dead pelican captioned its text link thusly: Jindal : "I will work to protect our rights." first off, thats a damn lie because ol' piyush the deceiver, has done nothing since hes been in washington but work to take away our rights.

the sulphur daily news reporter victoria hartley, who, by the way, is todays wst... media whore du jour mentions that ol piyush

is currently serving his second term as U. S. Congressman, said he has accomplished a great deal in Congress including the passage of legislation that protects second amendment rights of law abiding citizens during times of disaster;
this legislation is unnecessary and is nothing more than silly grandstanding on piyush's part simply because we as americans already have the right to bear arms. what "they" should have done was to arrest and lock up every last one of these so called police officers who illegally confiscated weapons in the first place...and lots of people ohh and ahh about how smart piyush is...c'mon the guy is nothing but a con artist, a scammer. if piyush wasnt in politics he would be stealing your mothers, your grandparents and your old maid aunts life savings in some real estate or stock swindle.

the main stream media in this state and the nation as well are nothing but a total joke. if ms. hartley was doing her job and if the sulphur daily news wasnt a mere progaganda rag they would be asking ol piyush questions such as how he justifies his voting for unconstitutional legislation like the usa patriot act or how about the military commissions act a piece of legislation that even pennsylvania slimeball senator arlen specter was quoted in the washington post saying that the military commissions act is "patently unconstitutional on its face." of course specter being the traitor he is turned right around and vote for it anyway.

or how about the mainstream media asking piyush about his vote for h.r.4844 the federal elections integrity act which is nothing more than an excuse for the federal government to have another database of citizen information to draw from.

the main stream media never asks piyush about his vote for the real id act. more unconstitutional garbage that many states like maine are revolting against.

why isnt anyone in the mainstream media asking piyush about 5 usc § 3331 and how its true that everytime piyush as well as the rest of them who vote for unconstitutional legislation are in fact violating federal law and that piyush is in reality a criminal?

why isnt anyone in the main stream media or talk radio questioning piyush about his membership in the subversive rhodes scholars? the rhodes scholars are a communist front organization working towards world government. the chicago tribune newspaper reported on this way back in 1951...

on 20 july 1951, william fulton wrote for the chicago tribune a series of articles about the subversive rhodes scholars:

heres an excerpt from one article called "Rhodes' Wards Head Global Foundations," subtitled "Dole Out Cash for One Worlders."
New York, July 20 - American Rhodes scholars, who are spoon-fed doses of internationalism a la mode British imperialism at Oxford University, England, are prominent back home in the affairs of the big foundations doling out funds toward globalist schemes and one world propaganda. Higher echelon offices in Carnegie, Rockefeller and other privately-endowed foundations are held by Rhodes scholars. This is in keeping with the aims of the late Cecil Rhodes, British empire builder. He left his fortune for the conversion of scholars who would promote his dream of an Anglo-Saxon federation to dominate the world.
now you know why piyush votes the way he does.

anyone thats promoting this guy piyush "bobby" jindal is not your friend. it doesnt matter if its your parents, your priest, preacher or rabbi, a blogger, a politician, a talk radio host, a newspaper columnist - they are liars and they are trying to deceive you.

so dont be a sucker and fall for this fast talking bull shit artists schtick.
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