12 April 2007

eureka! cat-5 levee problem solved

we received an email today from mr. jim boudreaux who has invented a new levee system and asks for your help:

Sen. Mary Landrieu has sent my invention design to the Corps of Engineers as of Feb. 20, 2007 and is waiting on a response. She has given my design a ref no.

RE: Landrieu Project No. 102907

If you could be of assistance in helping by contacting the Corps of Engineers and getting a progress report and passing this information to people who can help in this matter, I would be greatly thankful. Hurricane Season is just around the corner. This is the fastest Cat-5 Hurricane Flood
Protection that can be built quickly. Time is of the essence.

Jim Boudreaux

click here for wafb-tv interview via youtube

press release from mr. boudreaux:

News Press Release: New Idea, Fixing The Levees

Everyone is looking for a solution to the levee problem, land restoration problem and the barrier islands problem. I believe they just want to talk about the problem and continue receiving a paycheck. The reason for my belief is very simple. The Lord has provided solutions for all of the above. I know it comes from the Lord because it is very simple. A Box. No need to come up with a design. No need to do a study. No need to wait years for protection. No need to spend a lot of money.

This invention can be in place before the next hurricane season. This invention has been given to you and was made public in Nov. 2005. And yet not a single person has even attempted to build even a small-scale model to see how many benefits this invention has to offer. This is not about money to build a category 5-levee protection system. You already have one. With this invention, you are dealing only with one person. How simple can that be? Congress is waiting on a solution from the very same people who cannot come up with a solution for the past 50 years.

These same people Congress is waiting on knows about this invention. And yet will not even mention it to Congress. I find that selfish and self-centered and only concerned about themselves. Congress is ready to fund the solution. But the difference is that 80% of the money funded will go directly to material for building and installation of my invention for levees, barriers and land restoration as mentioned above. One design used for all of the above. Not different designs for each. And that is the problem I believe. Most of the money funded does not go directly to the actual material and installation of levees, barriers and land restoration built for protection. This invention will save peoples lives, property and restore land that was eroded by water surge and erosion. But the United States of America has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye for their own personal gain.

The solution has been given to them ready to be built and save peoples lives. But they are more concerned about who comes up with the solution, rather than where it came from. This is a sad day in America.
There was a news press release of the invention on national TV. So the United States of America is without excuse of not knowing about the solution ready to be built to save peoples lives. When will the talking stop and action begin to be the priority? When will saving peoples lives come first rather than money, power and position.

Click on the website below to view for yourself the News Press Release
that was seen in 2006.


Click on the website below to view Jim Boudreaux’s invention in detail.