26 April 2007


a few minutes ago someone googling steve capus arrived at our post "questions for nbc president steve capus." (steve capus is actually the nbc news president) and the visitor left a comment at that post. although we find their nbc logo humorous we have to disagree with all this hullabaloo surrounding nbc's broadcast of what brian williams called cho seung-hui "multimedia manifesto."

for one thing, in the days, weeks and months of 11 september 2001 the media relentlessly played over and over and over again both the planes crashing into 1 and 2 wtc as well as the towers collapse. no one objected and still dont. when the towers collapsed and especially when the planes crashed into the towers people actually died. both of these amount to snuff films if not technically then practically. the cho seung-hui tapes dont show anyone being killed. actually playing his video's serves to show people what a mentally ill person sounds like. the video's could help people in giving clues about what to look out for in identifying similarly situated mentally ill people.

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