04 April 2007

kooky cooksey whoring for piyush

former congressman john "kooky" cooksey

back on 21 march 2007 the ouachita citizen published a guest column by former congressman dr. john cooksey captioned "louisiana needs jindal." kooky err cooksey wrote in to give his own twisted and distorted propaganda effort to the piyush "bobby" jindal campaign.

dr. cooksey's first of many yet major lie is that piyush is a "committed christian." this is a flat out lie. piyush claims that he is a roman catholic. catholics are not christians. catholics are their own separate and distinct religious faith. christians believe in a personal relationship with jesus christ. catholics do not - they pray to mary and a host of saints to interceed to jesus on their behalf - heres an interesting story wherein a nun prayed to the late pope john paul 2 - this is a totally foreign belief to christians. christians believe in being born again. catholics do not. catholics believe that the pope is infallible and speaks as god himself. christians believe that all are sinners. catholics have their own bible - the latin vulgate. catholics have historically such as during the inquisition sought to exterminate anyone who does not as they do swear allegiance to mary (semiramis) and the pope.

this isnt a knock on catholics. we dont have anything against catholic people in fact many of our ancestors were staunch irish catholics when they came over back in the mid 1800s and a lot of them are buried in the
old catholic cemetery located near the holloway prairie. [map] we are just saying hey there is a difference in what catholics and baptists believe;

there used to be a time when preachers; especially baptist preachers, stood up and told the truth about these things. sadly that day is no more. consider for example a news item that appeared recently in the leesville daily leader online newspaper: "Congressman Bobby Jindal made a trip to Leesville." that page has since been taken down.
the story was about how piyush spoke in a baptist church - east leesville baptist church to be exact to give his "testimony." do you see the deception? catholics do not have a testimony at least in the christian sense. another story we came across "jindal alert!" by way of the rapides parish republican womens club blog (another bunch of liars and con artists) about how piyush was to speak at the first baptist church of oakdale, once again to give his so called "testimony."

both the pastors and the board of deacons of these two churches (and any others that partake of this) should be investigated and thrown out on their ears. it is an abomination, a heresy and blasphemy for an unbeliever to stand in the pulpit of a baptist church and give what they are passing off as his "testimony." these pastors and deacons are misleading the faithful. jesus himself said that its better to have a millstone hung around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to mislead a child.

nothing will be said; nothing will be done because the christian church and especially the baptist church has been totally infiltrated by liars and change agents. we see the same thing at louisiana college. recently lc celebrated its 100th anniversary. now instead of inviting a speaker that would inspire and motivate the students to honor god and to live a christ like life the administration of louisiana college invited the diabolically evil george h. w. bush to speak. this is who the administration and by extension the baptists hold out as someone to be emulated. then when one looks closer you can easily see that bush's invitation was only in order to raise money [.pdf] [video] for the college. so instead of working to minister to their students spiritual health the administration of louisiana college are a bunch of whores, giving themselves away as lovers of money. we see ever since bush spoke at lc they have had nothing but problems as two students have been arrested for drunk driving and who knows what else has happened there that has went unreported.

its easy for the discerning christian to see that with all of the lies and all of the deceptions involved in and behind the piyush "bobby" jindal candidacy that something wicked this way comes.
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