20 April 2007

louisiana sheriffs endorse a rhodes scholar communist for governor

**updated** "ryan" the guy in charge of the daily kingfish blog gives an encouraging word in a comment here when he reminds us that "simply because Mr. Jindal received the endorsement of the Louisiana Sheriff's Association does not mean he is unstoppable ... after all who did the Louisiana Sheriff's Association endorse in the 2003 jungle primary? They helped Richard Ieyoub come in 3rd behind Governor Blanco and Mr. Jindal."


the dead pelican reports:

JOHN MAGINNIS: In what will be seen as a historic political shift, the Louisiana Sheriffs Association has endorsed Bobby Jindal for governor. The endorsement, to be made official today, followed a vote of all 65 sheriffs, only 7 of whom are Republicans. The full political impact of the endorsement might not truly be felt until election day, when sheriffs traditionally have handled the get-out-the-vote operations for the state Democratic Party.

what a sad day for louisiana when the states sheriff's of all people, endorse a proven traitor to the constitution and bill of rights a member of the subversive rhodes scholars and a glaringly transparent fast talking con and flim-flam artist.
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