30 April 2007

republican mouthpiece moon griffon plays the piyush race card

audio .mp3 here 836kb length 3m40s
or www.freewebs.com/wesawthat4 and click griffon.mp3 to stream

you have to give the republicans a lot of credit. it seems like they had a meeting somewhere and it was decided that anytime you hear the word "piyush" the utterer must be immediately attacked.

anyway, this morning louisiana talk radio host blaine "moon" griffon was crowing and um mooning about news reports that democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham-clinton has decided to drop the rodham from her campaign flyers etc. around 10:23 am cdt a caller called in to say basically whats the difference when after all piyush "bobby" jindal's name is actually piyush and not bobby. mr. griffon instead of acknowledging that indeed piyush is jindal's real name and that piyush has never legally changed his name to "bobby" hence its just a nickname, griffon, attacks his caller as a racist for dare mentioning such information.

we're no fans of hillary clinton either but hey at least rodham is a part of her legal real name. one other thing the republicans fail to mention is that just like hillary's move to new york, piyush did exactly the same thing when he moved from baton rouge to la -01.

as we have maintained and still maintain the republicans have nothing else to offer in support of piyush other than if you dont support piyush you are a racist.

dont be a sucker!

note: if the moon griffon show posts todays show in their podcast form we will have the audio clip .mp3 available.

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