17 April 2007

alexandria 'abandoned' car ordinance challenged!

case assigned to f. rae swent judge 9th jdc division "c"
click here to download suit (7 page .pdf) from the town talks website

back on 25 january 2007 we were a little aghast, to put it lightly, when we read in our daily paper about the alexandria, louisiana mayor and the alexandria city council's action in ordaining the new so called abandoned car ordinance. the mayor and city council in a colossal slap to the united states constitution generally and the fourteenth amendment specifically in one fell swoop voided some alexandrian's constitutionally guaranteed right to due process.

just like we pointed out back then, this ordinance is directed solely at alexandria's black residents. the town talk reports in a story here that "according to the Alexandria Public Works Department, which oversees code enforcement, the division has towed 94 vehicles since the ordinance went into effect. " now how many of those vehicles were towed from the black neighborhoods? we bet most if not all were.

errick fatheree
victim of alexandria's unconstitutional and racist abandoned car ordinance.
click link for video via kalb.com length approximately 2:00 minutes

jerry tyler has the towing contract
click picture to enlarge
mr. tyler charged mr. fatheree $311.00 [229 eur]
tow his automobile 3.7 miles [6 km] plus $14.00 [10 eur] per day "storage fee"

as we have written before like here anytime you see a new law or ordinance enacted the first thing you should ask yourself is "who benefits?" a check of the jacques m. roy campaign finance reports here does not reveal a jerry tyler as either a contributor or in the expenditures but we do find a chris tyler (jerry tylers son?) who appears to be a major roy campaign contributor. pay back? its very plain to see whats going on here -- they are stealing these peoples cars then tacking on outrageous towing and storage fees that they know the people cant pay. then when the legal time elapses they are selling the cars to their auto parts/junkyard buddies. this is a racket its a huge scam.

thomas davenport, jr. esq. attorney for errick fatheree

thomas davenport comment on the town talk forum "resident suing city over abandoned vehicle rule."

alexandria mayor jacques roy sets up a soviet style "administrative hearing panel" commonly called a "kangaroo court" compromised of no elected officials, in fact, the membership is limited to city of alexandria employees.

during the alexandria mayoral campaign candidate jacques roy quoted both thomas jefferson and from the federalist papers freely and extensively then when he gets in office invokes policies more inline with stalinist russia or castro's cuba.

its been reported that the mayor and the city council are in the process of formulating a new ordinance regarding abandoned buildings. this is particularly disturbing when you see how this crew likes to play fast and loose with word meanings and definitions:

legal dictionary law.com definition of "abandoned:"
v. to intentionally and permanently give up, surrender, leave, desert or relinquish all interest or ownership in property, a home or other premises, a right of way, and even a spouse, family, or children. The word is often used in situations to determine whether a tenant has left his/her apartment and the property inside and does not intend to come back.
mayor roy and the alexandria city council definition of "abandoned"
Any motor vehicle which does not have lawfully affixed thereto, both an unexpired license plate or plates and a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate is an abandoned vehicle. - alexandria city ordinance 13-22.
so if one was to follow this line of thinking -- whats to stop the mayor and the city council to say that for instance you havent painted your structure or shingled your roof in the past several years so you have abandoned your house or office building etc etc.

next up with this abandoned vehicle odorince should be a class action lawsuit against the city and wouldnt it be terribly ironic if the punitive damages equaled about what the city should be due back with regards to the cleco settlement?

telephone judge swent's chambers at 318.443.6893 or email here to encourage her to uphold the constitution and the bill of rights and strike down alexandria's unconstitutional and racist abandoned car ordinance.
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