18 April 2007

rick gallot is an idiot!

hmmm okay where do we start...say hello to louisiana state representitive rick gallot. this dummO'crat says
"he will discuss legislation he plans to re-introduce to prohibit the possession of firearms in college dormitories at 1:30 p.m. today on the steps of the Lincoln Parish Courthouse in Ruston.

“In light of the horrendous tragedy that took place (Monday) on the Virginia Tech campus, I will reintroduce legislation to close a loophole that permits possession of a gun on school campuses,” Gallot said."

this idiot doesnt seem to know what state he resides in. yesterday alexandria's kalb-tv went out and did a man on the street interview about the virginia tech massacre and gun control - thing is, is that kalb couldnt find not one person to speak in favor of gun control. the anchor dale hoffman actually stated that and if you dont believe us then you are welcome to go over to kalb news director michele godard's blog cenla media and ask her yourself.

anyway, the democrats already have an uphill battle against the piyush juggernaut to win this years governors race and this assclown plans to introduce gun control legislation. he just cost democratic candidate foster campbell a few thousand votes which he already desperately needs and can hardly afford to lose.

one would think, that at the very least, the states democratic leadership would have already notified its member/legislators to be especially careful with the controversial legislation for this term - "dont file anything until you clear it with us first" but no the democratic leadership sounds about as competent and on the ball as the state republicans leadership.

pat buchanan told us years ago that the democratic and the republican partys are “two wings of the same bird of prey.” in addition eustace mullins tells us that there hasnt been a true democratic and republican party since 1865; what they really are, are carpetbaggers and scalawags. from everything we've seen out of both the state and national democratic and republican parties we believe it! -- thats why this fall we are voting for third party candidates particularly the libertarian candidate T. LEE HORNE, III, FOR GOVERNOR -- and you should too!
commenters respond to rep. gallot's dummO'cratic announcement.