23 April 2007

alexandria red light spy cams continued...

the jacques roy administration in its relentless plan to trample alexandrian's civil rights has placed upon the city council agenda (see link) the following item:

22) RESOLUTION authorizing advertisement for Request for Proposals for red light cameras, installation and monitoring for the Alexandria Police department.
to read more about the horrors of spy cam's and to find out what the roy administration and city council have in store for alexandria see the following links:

a private company is going to run alexandria's spy cam scam. why is a private company having access to alexandrian's personal information? what kind of database will it be stored in and for how long? who will have access to your personal information and who will they sell the information to? guess you will find out when a few days after you receive your spy cam ticket you get another letter from local attorney david stone.

jacques roy: the marionette mayor?

someone told us that the spy cam scam wasnt the mayors idea and that may be true but mayor roy is pushing the scam and that makes him complicit. is the mayor his own man or a marionette? will mayor roy be a man and a leader and stand up for whats right or will the mayor continue to be a puppet?

meanwhile, its day 138 of the roy mayoral administration and the town talk is reporting here that "roy hires 5 assistants, wants more" this is despite the fact that long time former mayor ned randolph made do with only two assistants.

on the plus side maybe the mayor will now have someone to finally write and post his welcome letter.

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    originally posted saturday 21 april 2007